Sunday, August 21, 2016

Handy Dandy Hooking Helpers

Here are just a few of the wonderful tools I use to make hooking so much better.  One I love are my Hartman Hooks and have a back up for a back up since my girl Shadow thought mine was a chew toy when she was a pup.  Thankfully she had tiny teeth so didn't do too much damage so sanded it down with fine sandpaper and oiled it again.
From left to right is my hook and scissor pocket, brush for cleaning wool  threads and dust off rugs, hand held OTT light, and gripper cleaner.
Above is the pocket being used on my frame.  A magnet holds my scissors and the pocket is where I place my various hooks so they don't get lost between the sofa cushions or dropped and then roll under the chair or sofa.  Guess I need to make a couple to take to Cape May as I only have one left.
The nifty brush I purchased at the Maryland Shores rug camp store one year.  Can't remember the cost but it was nominal and well worth the cost.
Another view of the brush.
Then is an unlikely great tool which is a dog brush to clean those gripper strips which seem to gather loads of threads and dust while holding our patterns down.  This one was purchased at Roses, the cost only $2.99 and got 10% for senior discount.  And boy does it do the trick.

Oh, the OTT light was purchased from Michaels and was priced at $19.99 but had a 40% off coupon.  It is really handy to see the true color of your wool as you hook.

Happy Sunday to you all.  Will spend the rest of the day hooking on Turkey and Tallowberries since yesterday was spent cutting grass and two showers.  Even tho I knew there would be a shower after cutting the grass I just MUST shower every morning.  To me, going without a shower in the morning would be like not brushing my teeth.

Maybe, just maybe I'll make some progress on that rug today and have something to crow about tomorrow.



  1. I love your little scissor/hook pocket! I have magnets to hold my hook ~ though I never use it. I should look for them. Yup, I, too, have a dog brush to clean the grippers.
    I'm with you on the shower in the morning thing and since I hope to do some yard work (if I get off this dang machine), it may be a two shower day for me, too.
    Hugs :)

  2. What great tools !!! A great idea for a dog brush , to clean the grippers !!! Thank you for that idea ! A shower a day , keeps the doctor away !!! Ha !

  3. I'd be losing everything without my magnet/pocket...even keep a Sharpie in there for change of plans...I'm on 2 shower a day person 5 days a week...have to have one after work even though some days I want to be articulated ( how equipment is sterilized)

  4. Thanks for that, saundra,,, great tips,,,, I have a battery otte lite from michaels too,,, but mine is a bit bigger,,, and sits on a table ,, also got mine for half price with a coupon,,,,,
    Rug looking great,,,,, love it,,,,

  5. I have an ott lite too. I am going to take it in my trailer. I can hardly wait to be hooking on vacation.cheri


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