Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The New Rug Unveiled

It was fun reading the comments on which design you would have chosen for me.  And all those patterns are still special and will eventually be hooked but just didn't call my name this time. Wondering what was chosen?
Turkey and Tallowberries from Spruce Ridge Studios, a design from the art work of Lori Brechlin was my choice this time.  

I wanted my turkey to have a little bright spark in it's eye and used a strip of very bright orange from a married piece which wasn't my favorite at the time.  So see Lauren, those ugly brights do have a place in our primitive rugs once in a while.

Something I've learned from Barb Carroll and Bev Conway is that the eye needs to stand out and be something special.  Barb may have chosen and preferred a texture...sorry to have disappointed you Barb; hope you love me anyway.

As I'm looking at my hooking see an area of dark blue on the turkey which will move direction.  Instead of a loop that strip will become elongated.  Yes, Kim, I'm the queen of tweak as I just started hooking this, lol.

Below is a combination of the wool used in the turkey's head and wattle.  Lauren is so good at showing photos of wool she uses in her rugs and most times I forget.  Glad I remembered this time.
 Below is even more wool I'm planning to use.
To the far left with the blue plaid on top of another piece of wool is being used in the main body of the turkey.  There is a plan for the other wool too.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about some of the wool and things I've learned from at least two teachers.  Ah, got your attention, eh?  Check back tomorrow to see what that is all about.

Hope you are staying cool and happy.  Which brings me to a question.. ..how many of you hook during the summer months??  Obviously you see that I hook thru all seasons.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    I'm so excited to see how you hook this as I have the punch needle version! Great choice, but still love those hearts and know you will hook it in the future!
    Love seeing the wool you are using and am curious about what you will share! It will be good, I'm sure!!
    Sadly, since it is so very hot here in AZ, I have not picked up my hook but am getting hopeful with cooler weather coming!! Even with AC it is still too darn hot!!
    Thanks for sharing what you are up to!!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Saundra,
    Your colors are wonderful. I never would have guessed in a million years those wools that you are using in the head and wattle. When I see the wool, I think UGH but hooked it is perfect.
    We look forward to your progress.
    Hugs :)

  3. I thought I was hitting preview and not publish...sigh.

  4. I leave my hooking out and pull a few loops here and there but we have no air conditioning and it has been one hot summer. So not much. I love that turkey already. so glad you are showing the wool

  5. Oh I love your choice.i am looking forward to watching Tom come to life. I appreciate your showing the wool choices,
    Yes I hook all year long but I am new and slow.

  6. I love your choices, wonderful colors and variations, this is going to be a stunning piece.


  7. Ok I honestly just laughed out loud. I didn't expect tweaking this early in the project. You kill me. Lol

  8. Love this mat, saundra!! Love lori patterns,,,, youare making a great start! Looking forward to the progress,,,, love the colors, too,,,,,
    Its been hot here, too,, we dont have air conditioning either,,, but in between the hot and steamy days I do hook,,, and now have discovered needle punching!! And love , love it,,,, just started my 4th since june, when I got my first one! So guess I have been punching more than hookjng,,, and it is cooler,,,,,
    Take care,,,,

  9. Saundra July nothing got done because of eye surgery on both eyes .
    It has been really humid in Crest.have been working on a quilt. Once I stitch down some more I will share a picture of my little quilt.
    I can hardly wait til fall. Hugs cheri


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