Monday, August 29, 2016

I Got Hugged Today

Today I picked up my mail and knew it was time for certain monthly bills to arrive but in the stack there was a card easily identify-able by the color, size and shape of the envelope.  Yup, I'd gotten another hug from a very dear friend of mine.
Honestly don't know what I've ever done to be considered a friend by this wonderful, generous and talented lady.  This isn't the first card I've received from her.
Above is another card, again with a sweet message inside to warm my heart.  There were others and I won't embarrass her by mentioning a name but she is the one with the loving soul and heart.  

What I know for sure is that instead of emails to her, in the future I'll take time to choose a special card instead.  Well.... maybe not instead, maybe in addition to.   Perhaps we all need to take more time to write instead of text, email or do Facebook ~ for God only knows who else reads those and most are friends of friends and don't even know the people.  I'm going to start making it more personal like my friend did and send a card.

The cards will be prominent on my desk so that I'll see them daily and remind me of the friendship.  Heck, who can forget that friendship? This friendship and that woman is ingrained in my soul and spirit forever.

Love you friend and think of you often.  Hope you stay well and as stress free as possible.  BEAR HUGS........



  1. Very sweet such a nice personal touch

  2. It does warm our hearts when a special friend sends something special, just to brighten our day. I have made a lot of friends online that I keep in contact with, outside of the computer.


  3. Sweet friend! Cards are great! Still love them,,,,,, take care, saundra,,,

  4. Getting something in the mail always trumps an email !! Very special friend, indeed.

  5. We all can use a hug now and then..thanks for sharing yours.


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