Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Turkey and Tallowberries Update

Wow, I really am getting close to finishing.  So maybe it is possible to have it hooked and bound before Cape May.
Just a little on the right side to hook then to steam, do pre-binding stitching and trimming then bind.  

Meanwhile, today I had my EKG which was required by my eye surgeon as my other EKG was over a year ago.  So many various doctor appointments coming up which is really interfering with my rug camp anticipation and preparedness.  

So later today after the EKG (which the doctor said was fine) told myself not to think of the huge plate of doctors before me..... just one week at a time.

Now, almost dinner time, Ben has been walked and have poured myself a glass of Pinot Noir to chill and work more on binding NED.  Remember Ned?  Will soon show you a finished picture of him soon.

Meanwhile, do you believe tomorrow is September 1st?????  I can't. What is worse is that I must now travel toward the beach area on the Thursday before Labor Day when folks are taking an extra day to have a long weekend at the beach.  That is where my eye doctor is.  

A day or so ago noticed more floaters and flashes in the other (right) eye.  Concerning me was that it was in the form of a hair or thread which had dot floaters attached.  Wasn't sure if I should call the eye surgeon or not since there is a pre-op visit coming up in September before the October surgery. But decided to call and they can tell me no problem.  Or at least that is what I was hoping.

So I must show up tomorrow for them to check it out to see how serious and what changes must be made for my lenses for the surgery. OMG, this getting older is REALLY getting OLD and not for the faint of heart.  Think I'm becoming more faint of heart.

Happy hooking, happy quilting, stitching or whatever lowers your BP.



  1. And you thought T & T would not be done before Cape May. I thought otherwise and I was so right. It will be bound, too, I'm sure.
    Good luck with tomorrow's appointment.

  2. Love how it is coming out, the colors are perfect with the dark background.
    I get floaters from my lyme, some are like specks of dust and some look like short hairs.


  3. Your mat is so sweet!! Love it,,,, saw the punched version kn lori page,,,, may order it so etime and do it,,,,,
    Eyes, eyes, what a worry,,, I hsve a eye appt soon,,, need better glasses , now 65 is here!!! Take care,,,,

  4. Prayers for a good appointment coming your way. You are right getting old is not easy. Love your turkey as always.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Your turkey rug is just so wonderful and so happy you are nearing the finish!! Hooray for you!!! Will keep you in my prayers!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Your turkey has turned out really nice. You do great work! Good luck with the dr app'ts. I too have a slew of them over the next two months starting with bloodwork tomorrow.

  7. I had eye flashes once about a year ago - really scared me, but all was well. Hope you get the same news. Lovin' this turkey!


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