Monday, August 8, 2016

So Now What??

I've looked thru my pattern stash and have a few options to consider. All the patterns are delightful but not all are speaking to me with the same strength.  Here are the ones dangling like a carrot.
I have Old Tom which is a great design and just had to own it.
Turkey & Tallowberries sample
But have Turkey and Tallowberries which is beckoning me more with that blotchy 'make do' background.  For you who have followed me for a while know that makes my heart sing.  As you can see, both of these are designs offered by Spruce Ridge Studios and are patterns from the art work of Lori Brechlin.
Also on my short list of patterns to hook now is Olde Hearts, an antique adaptation pattern offered by Woolley Fox.

Got totally beyond bored with hooking the hit and miss small mat but did accomplish this.  So back into the UFO section as a loner to await being rescued when once again there is nothing new planned for my frame.  At least there is some comfort to know there is something waiting in the wings when I need a hooker fix.
Whew, am so glad that yesterday I chose to cut all my grass rather than break it up into two days.  Yesterday was low humidity but after using the push mower for Ben's back yard thought about saving the riding mower until today.  HA!  Humid like a sauna out there so glad it was all done yesterday.

Have a great evening and hope you worker bees have an easy day tomorrow.



  1. I like the second turkey, that is a beautiful design.
    I like to do simple and ones with more detail, just depends on my mood.


  2. We had just beautiful weather today. Oh that second turkey and tallow berries do it for me. I love them all but I loooove that turkey.

  3. I agree with the others, turkey #2 is screaming, "me, me, me".

  4. There's no reason you can't hook both turkey rugs with the 'make-do' background! Go for it! Would you mind if I hooked a similar version of your hit & miss rug some day? Like I said, I really enjoy those kinds of projects.

    1. I answered Gayle personally, but for those of you who may be wondering what I'd say...... Told Gayle to feel free to hook it as a hit and miss is just a hit and miss. Doesn't matter in which direction you choose to hook those hit and miss lines it is still a hit and miss and no on has a corner on that market. Happy hooking and would love to see yours. Bet yours will be done before mine since it is a UFO again.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I have the Turkey/Tallowberries punch needle pattern and just love it, but I would also vote for Olde Hearts! All of them are wonderful patterns though and how nice that you an eventually do them all!! Your hit and miss is a keeper and will be waiting for you when you are ready! Glad you got that grass cut!!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. I love the hearts , too,,,, but they are all great,,,, l guess we get humid back again today, for a few days,,, yuccy,,,, take care,,,

  7. hmm...none of them speak to me, I agree with Gail on the backgrounds...could be my mood cause nothing is speaking to me here either...I happily pay a lawn service to take care of my yard, the heat this summer would have done me in!

  8. I love all of those patterns. Tough decision. Have two friends who recently finished hooked, the other punchneedle. They are both great. Love the border on the hearts.


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