Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cotton Fabric Binding a Rug

Am binding my grandson's rug using black and white checkered cotton to carry the checkered flag theme.  Have also kept the wide linen foundation for a little stability so did serge and trim the corners to reduce bulk.
The above photo shows the mitered corner and section already stitched down.  I did a running stitch 3 rows up from the bottom to catch the foundation to the cotton binding.  And then stitched the top which is turned over at the edge of the foundation.
Above shows the width of the foundation and the parts which have already been stitched down.  Before that top strip is stitched down it will have a sleeve sewn on in order to slide a dowel or yard stick thru for the rug to be hung on the wall.  Or, if used as a rug that can be pulled out.  Will show final finish one of these days soon.
The thread used for stitching is a very strong silamide thread purchased from Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios.  It comes in different colors.

My son's Man Cave rug was bound using denim so it is possible to use a cotton fabric for binding a rug too.   
Just be sure the foundation has been zig zagged and stitched to protect from raveling.  Please do not ever just trim your edge and cover with binding without protecting that edge.  Otherwise it WILL eventually ravel.

Have a good evening.  Presently it is pleasant here with low humidity, nice breeze and think the A/C can be turned off tonight.  The weekend, however, will change.



  1. WOW! You're almost done with the binding. What a woman :)
    That binding is just PERFECT.

  2. Forgot to mention...I bought some of that thread from Kris years and have never used it.

  3. Your mat looks wonderful,,,, nd the binding perfect!! Great to be almost finished! You are organized, ,,,,, take care,,,,,

  4. It looks great, bet he'll love it!


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