Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oh Happy Days!!

Finally finished and in plenty of time before Christmas.  But think my son's rug was finished in July so finished his in record time.  Here is my grandson's Favorite Sports rug from the front.  It will still need steaming again in MHO.
And a photo of the back which shows the cotton binding and even the sleeve has been stitched on.  It is hard to tell where the sleeve is but there is a blue pen slid between the sleeve at the top to show where the yard stick or dowel will go if they choose to hang it.
Also notice the label stitched to the back.  That was a Facebook photo I stole the day this rug was being developed in my mind.  I wanted Zach to have a record of what he looked like when his grandma decided to hook this rug for him.

I have lots of HAPPY's..... am happy to have designed and hooked this for my grandson and VERY HAPPY it is done!!!!!  OH!!!!!!   And HAPPY it is done WAY before Christmas.

Hope you have a great evening.  Temps here going to rise again tomorrow to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity.  So the 'fells like' will be over 100.  Hey Kim, would you want to come visit??? 

Am so looking forward to fall but am NOT looking forward to shoveling snow.  

Have a great evening.



  1. Oh I'm glad I popped by tonight to see you jab me. Lol. No thank you to more humidity. Ours is back today. My hair is huge. Hahah. Love this rug, your grandson will be thrilled with it.

  2. Zach will cherish his rug! It is very cool and what a great for the label. said the "C" word not once but twice.....bad hooker.
    Hot and humid here and still no rain...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  3. Love how the rug came out and the border, as well as the backing, he is going to love it.


  4. What a lucky grandson. It turned out wonderfully.

  5. So great ,,,,,,,love the checked fabric,,, great for a wonderful gift,,,,, take care ,,, keep cool,,,,

  6. Great job, and how nice to be finished so far ahead of Christmas. Live the binding....perfect choice!

  7. HI Saundra,
    You are truly having LOTS of Happy moments!!!!! The rug is fantastic and your grandson will be beyond thrilled!!!! Have so enjoyed your journey!!
    We FINALLY got some rain here in AZ and believe it or not, we also have HUMIDITY!! Still dealing with triple digits plus humidity now and it is a virtual SAUNA!! I am really looking forward to cooler temps!! Hope you enjoy your weekend and time with NED!!
    Heart Hugs~


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