Sunday, August 7, 2016

Stuff on Sunday

With NED all corralled and steamed he is resting and waiting for the final finish.  Meanwhile and since there was no new rug design on my frame decided to pull out an old and only UFO.
This was started after a previously hooked rug was finished and no new rug on my frame planned.  So decided to do a hit and miss mat with worms.  Then got bored and tossed it aside ~ this is/was the only UFO I have.

So, okay..... I pulled a few loops and below is where I am.  
Tonight I'll pull a few more loops but tomorrow it will go back to UFO Land because I need a real rug to hook and am sick of worms.  So this is the UFO I STILL have.

Which means, of course, all these worms need to be separated and placed in their proper place.  

What will go on my frame?  Don't know yet.  Tomorrow I'll show you the ones in my stash that might take that place.

Happy Sunday.



  1. I am sure what ever you put on the frame next will be wonderful.

  2. This is very unusual for you !!!
    Normally, you are talking about your next rug as you come to the end of a currnet rug !
    Very eager to see what you pull out of your basket ;)

  3. Love ur scrapoy mat,,,,, its great to use up,,,,,,
    Lookjng forward to the next one,,,, take care,,,,,

  4. hoping a new project hits the frame soon...I keep thinking about Ned and how I'd like to hook him...

  5. I think this would be a fun & mindless project to work on - I love hit & miss rugs! Some day you'll get back to it......


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