Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another Pocket Completed

Was almost done with the third one but needed to make a blog post before it got too late.  Will save that one for tomorrows post.
As you can see there is a magnet at the top which holds scissors.  The pocket at the bottom can hold a few hooks or snippets if you wish. Notice the stitching at the very bottom of the pocket?   That is canvas which was stitched to reinforce the bottom and ensure the tips of the hooks wouldn't go thru the wool.  

For the remainder of the night my plans are to hook on Turkey and Talloweberries.  But tomorrow will finish #3 and will make one more to take to Cape May.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. no losing that bag nice and bright.

  2. Wonderful idea for a hooker. I am always trying to think of ideas for holders, for gifts.


  3. Sweet bags,,,, nice,,,, you get alot done,,,, thats great,,,,


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