Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Natural Dyeing

Can't believe that as hot and humid as it is outside that I'm thinking of dyeing.  Perhaps it is because I feel like I am in a hot pot of water.  And no am not getting ready to dye, that will come later into the cooler temperatures but need something to write about.

In the past I have done some natural dying using onion skins, avocado pits and black walnuts.  To see a collage of old posts on different dye methods posted on my blog click HERE.

While perusing Pinterest the other day saw a magnificent photo of dyeing with black beans.  And they were beautiful colors.  So this post is a historical record for me as well as giving info to my textile loving friends.
dyeing with black beans... You just use the water you soak the beans in, so you still can cook with the beans. Results range from blues to greens.:
Isn't that an awesome color?  It came from an old post by lilfishstudios.
A tutorial on dyeing wool blue with black beans (you read that right, black beans).:
And the photo of the beautiful yarn dyed with black beans.
Nice! Black beans. Soak them for 48 hours, soak cloth in soymilk for 24 hours, then rinse. Soak cloth in three days. All cool.:
And another gorgeous color above which was posted by SpiritCloth

There is definitely a whole world of information to discover thru the internet.  If only there were more hours in a day and I weren't too lazy. Yet time spent on the internet takes up valuable time as well.  

Ben has been walked and he chose to do the short version and get back in the A/C.  Glad he did.  Now I'm going to veg out and hook more on the Turkey and Tallowberries so that maybe there will be more to show tomorrow.

Stay cool and dry.  Or.... IF you need rain hope you get only what you need.



  1. Beautiful results.
    I hope your weather breaks soon.
    Happy hooking :)

  2. looks interesting, have never done any natural dyeing...I've been thinking of dyeing and I spent a few days puttering with my wool yarn stash to get it ready for dyeing...when it cools off!

  3. I could not get the link to work on your previous post on natural dying. Can you tell me what posts to look at. I am interested in the walnut process. Thanks

  4. I like this idea, read by searching sites and it seems you can get different shades by what you add to the water, can't wait to see how yours come out.


  5. Oh that is a great blue! I am not much for dying but that is just beautiful.


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