Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fun Wool Info from Teachers

Yesterday I posted a picture of the new project I'm working on as well as the wool below.
The first fun information is about that very light piece at the center top. One year in a class with Eric Sandberg he demonstrated how to dye what he called "Birch Bark".  That is what I'm planning to use as the tallowberries.  IF you would like to read the tutorial I did on my blog back in 2012, click HERE

The next fun thing I learned and also answered a question which always haunted me was about those ripped edges of wool with the eyelash.  In the past I would trim them off thinking of them as not being desirable or true to traditional rug hooking.  Until......My last class with Barb when I was hooking Simple Gifts.
Honestly don't remember which piece of wool in that rug above had a bit of an eyelash.  But Barb volunteered the information that she will often leave that fringe eyelash on to give the appearance of an old rug which is worn.  OMG!!!!!!  That is something which had haunted me forever.  That was a release, a freedom and acceptance of my inner thoughts.  Thank you Barb.

I thought that a 'purest' hell, do you think I'm a purest rug hooker HAR HAR HAR.  But to get the validation that it was okay to leave it on from a hooking icon like Barb Carroll!!!!  You kidding me!  I was over the moon happy.  

So you are wondering what that has to do with this rug, right?  That would be this piece of wool and others which are hooked in the turkey.
The eyelash on this wool is far longer than what was in the piece of wool on Simple Gifts.  Most of the wool on the blue chest of the turkey and all of the wool on the wing were both from Dorr (who has no more of this wool) and Barb Carroll who may have more.  It is a boucle which doesn't rip well but has a nice look.  So you decide and contact Barb if you want some.  
So thought it might be fun to have that eyelash around the tender underparts of my turkey legs and the edge of the wing.  Am sure it will show up more once the dark background is hooked in.
So for all you guys and gals who wondered if you needed to be anal and trim off those threads of weave ~ worry no more.  Unless, of course you're a purest.  In which case you aren't reading my blog anyway. Have fun with hooking.  

Have a great evening.... I'm sweltering here.  High heat and high humidity.  Hope you are comfy where you are.  Thankfully I've A/C this July.



  1. Your turkey is lookin' GOOD and you're hooking him like a speed demon. I never heard the torn wool referred to as an eyelash. I will sometimes use it but tend to avoid it. And no, I am no purist.
    Hugs :)

  2. I feel better about my eyelashes now. Thanks I won't be so worried about them anymore.

  3. Love love love that turkey! I have always hooked it in I was taught by a mcgowen trained older woman and she would have fallen over if I had done that in front of her.

  4. Such a lovely job your doing on your turkey!
    Saundra I love your words of wisdom.
    You go to so many camps and learn so much from different teachers .
    It helps to have someone helping us hookers! Hugs cheri

  5. Hi Saundra,
    What great info, as always!!! I also appreciate all of your words of wisdom and end up learning so much! Thank you for always being so inspiring!! Who knew that wool had eyelashes!!! Love that turkey!!
    Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. It's been some time since my last visit, but I always find you teaching. I never knew that wool strips could have eye lashes that gave an old worn look to rugs... but now I know. I must be a purist because I always use my cutter to cut strips of wool (( when I have time to hook that is))

    It was muggy here today but we had a good heavy downpour a while ago to cool things down. That's the only time I'm in the house pretty well. I hope that your summer is going well and your boy Ben is doing well too.

  7. Thanks for passing on Barb's words of wisdom! And for sharing a refresher on the birch bark dyeing.....


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