Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Visit With Ned

Most of the boring borders have been hooked and a few changes have been made.  So guess it is time to show the still undecided finish of Ned.
You can see that the gold outline of the triangles was done but still undecided what colors to hook inside.  Right now there are four purple/green plaid, one blue like the mane and one with nothing.

So I'm thinking maybe I should make the empty and blue space purple/green and hook blue inside the flower and butterfly.

The brighter red halter was pulled out and used the same wool as is in Ned's first foot as the wide line around his neck.  Am thinking that is also too bright.  The other part of the halter is wool just placed to fill the area which is the same as the border.  I'm thinking that is what should be hooked in all the halter areas.

So chickadees, tonight my attention is going to be on beginning the binding of my grandson's rug and will let Ned roam the pasture for a bit.

Have a great evening and thanks for visiting.



  1. Methinks you are right on the halter. Go with the darker.
    You are so close to another finish.
    Funny. I love the mindlessness of hooking borders or backgrounds.
    Hugs :)

  2. You always pick the right colors and I do like the purple/green color.


  3. I would prefer the darker red.
    Wondering about the hooves also, quite a bit of change from one to the other.
    But you always find the best ways to balance all the colors.
    I heart Ned!

  4. So close to a finish. It's good to step away and look at a project with fresh eyes !
    Will your grandsons rug be a special gift - like birthday, etc. ?

  5. Ned definitely needs to go roaming for a bit...whatever you choose will be good...I'm odd man out because I prefer the original halter...

  6. Hi Saundra,
    It's amazing how everyone sees things differently and has their own preferences, isn't it? I just adore NED and think that perhaps once he is back from roaming the pasture, he will tell you what HE wants!! He is such a fun rug and I know that you will get him just right!! I did go back and look a some earlier posts and I do love his bright red collar and bridle, but that is just me as I LOVE RED!!
    Take care and have a great weekend!
    Heart Hugs~


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