Friday, August 26, 2016

And Then There Were Three

The detour was fun.....for a while.  But have missed rug hooking so it is time for me to take a break.  I'm at the age now where if it isn't fun then stop doing it and do what makes you happy.
Today I purchased a few more magnets so will make a couple more to take to Cape May plus one which someone ordered.  Definitely won't work on them today since I just finished hand stitching the green one after lunch and need my hooking fix.  

Tomorrow is my grandson's birthday party so grandma will be there to celebrate his being a teen.  With no hooking going on tomorrow will definitely need another hooking fix when I get home.  Again, no pocket work being done tomorrow at all.

For sure want to finish up the next few pockets and be done with them so I can clean up the chaos in my wool room.  There's wool on the floor, the wool which was neatly stacked fell into an empty spot behind the stack.  Now it is a jumbled up mess.  Besides, rug camp is getting closer and need to get far more orderly than I am.

Colleen, you are a NO-REPLY blogger so am unable to respond to your question personally.  There is a way you can fix that so GOOGLE how to fix that problem.

Have a great evening.



  1. I love those little magnet pockets...

  2. Sweet little magnets,,,,, great idea,,,, you do a great job,,,, have a great weekend,,,

  3. Happy birthday to the new teen. Love your pockets I am sure you will sell them all

  4. I hope Zach's birthday was the best ever!
    Fun magnetic pockets. The colors are so not
    Happy Sunday :)


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