Saturday, August 6, 2016

Corralling Ned

This rug 'might' be done but am going to take a breather and look at it on my monitor and compare it to before.  Here are the changes I made:

~  changed flower at bottom totally.
~  made all triangles in the green/purple plaid
~  replaced the halter color with the darker brown red
~  put the gold on all triangle outside edges
~  replaced front hoof wool with darker red
~  replaced inside butterfly with blue plaid and pulled out light grey 

This is now.
This was before.
And as luck would have it I've no new rug for the frame.  Ned needs to be bound anyway and right now there is no pattern in my stash which is shouting 'hook me, hook me'.  

Therefore, I plan to pull some loops on a small stool mat started last year sometime to use up worms.  Now seems as good a time as any to pull a few more loops since I've a pile of precut wool beside me on the sofa.  They need to be tidied up so may as well tidy them right into that small mat.

Ned is an antique adaptation offered by Woolley Fox.  

Sweet Kim, this is for you to make you feel cool and comfy.  This is what it is like here for me today.

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Happy Saturday everyone. 



  1. It is amazing the difference all your tweaking has done to Ned . I really like the changes, it blends more & even looks more primitive. Very pretty !!! The humidity makes me so lazy ! Hope the storms are just enough to cool you down !!!

  2. LOVE the new and improved Ned !! Fabulous changes by a trained eye !
    Stay cool.

  3. Hi Saundra,
    BRAVO!!! NED looks like a splendid steed and I LOVE your changes!! You have such great instincts and I'm happy you give yourself time to think about it before you decide! Wonderful job!! Enjoy your little mat, and some inside time where it's cool!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. I like your tweaks...he looks wonderful.

  5. I knew your changes would be perfect and they are :). Ned is wonderful ~ in my stash, too. Maybe I'll be inspired to hook mine.
    I can't believe you don't have anything that has "spoken" to you, but at least you have you little stool mat to work on.
    Hugs :)

  6. Your mat looks great,,,, love it,,, wow,,, hot there,, hot here,, but we just had a cooler air system in,,, and its sooo much better,,, take care,,,

  7. I love your tweaks. It's humid again here dearie! I was doing ok until I made supper, now I'm drenched again. Ughhh, I need some fall weather


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