Friday, November 25, 2016

Debbie's Horse

I'm so not ready to pull the camp rug off the frame for a photo just yet, thought I'd show you a rug I hooked in 2009.  I tried to find out how long I'd been blogging but couldn't locate a date.  It's possible I never showed you this mat before.  The picture below is showing up rather dark and is a photo taken sometime ago and probably without a flash.
If you'd like to enlarge and get a view of what wool was used below is a photo just taken with a flash.  If you tap on the photo you can see the wool better.  OMG, put on your sunglasses ~  this is not what the rug looks like in person.  Guess that is why only the above dark  photo was saved.
Anyway, this is a design called Debbie's Horse and is a free pattern in Barb Carroll's Book American Folk Art Rug Hooking.  It may be out of print but you could always check with Amazon if it isn't already on your book shelf.  Hey, don't all rug hookers have every book by Barb Carroll?
Happy day after Thanksgiving and enjoy the calm for those of you who chose to go out shoping on Black Friday.  I avoided the shopping malls.



  1. Sometimes flash can be a killer on rugs. I finally got one for my new camera and so far I like how it shows the colors much better, so will have to try it on some of my rugs, still learning the different settings, but getting a better flash this time, was a smart move.


  2. What a beautiful rug, Saundra. Your work and color selection is always lovely. You hook so many rugs - do you have these rugs on display or do you rotate them into use ? Just curious, I imagine them hanging all over your house !!


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