Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Evening Chit Chat

Today was a blistery chilly and windy day ~ guess I'm being a bit redundant with my verbs.  Frankly I'm not ready for the winter, Thanksgiving (which is next Thursday) or Christmas.  I want either spring or fall back.  Well, that ain't gonna happen.

I've decided to continue hooking on the Red Lion rug until all the loops are pulled then will go back to the camp rug.  Just now when I took a photo decided to do a test.  The photo below was taken close to the rug as I wanted to see if it changed the appearance of the rug than the photo taken further away. Sometimes I've wanted to get close to the rug to get the whole rug in focus.  And it DOES make everything look brighter.
The photo taken further away is more closely to what I see on my frame.  What I did tho was 'crop' the photo so there wasn't a lot of excess around the pattern.
Will be happy to see this big red boy hooked and bound then move onto my camp rug.  Matter of fact, believe it or not I'm looking forward to binding this one.  Of course 'tis the season' for me to have various health check ups and will take it with me to work on binding while sitting in the doctor's office.

Have a great evening and hope you are looking forward to settling in for a long winter with hooking projects.  I've got a pile of patterns to keep me entertained and lots to wool to do them with.



  1. Love the rich deep colors of this lion.
    I'm already eyeing several projects to take me through the winter ! The wind is howling outside, even as I write this.

  2. Love your lion. I have more than enough to keep me busy until next winter.

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Red Lion is just wonderful and am happy you are close to getting him all hooked! He will surely keep you company during those dr visits!
    Our weather here is damp and wet with more tomorrow!! We seldom get rain so am enjoying it!
    Stay warm and happy hooking!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. We went from 75* on Friday to me driving in a near blizzard on Saturday. UGH! I don't want winter either.
    Red Lion is totally awesome!
    Hugs :)

  5. Its a great lion! Love ur mats! Enjoy ur hooking this winter!

  6. ditto all that Lauren said except the driving part...I was safe inside when the ice storm hit here...

    thinking of tackling a huge rug this winter...

  7. Good progress on that handsome guy! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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