Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day

My plans to keep everyone informed while at rug camp did not work as Blogger and Blogpress would not allow me to publish with or without photos.  So today was going to do a dual post of rug camp as well as Veterans Day.  However, I believe the Veterans would have been shortchanged and they deserve honorable mention of their own.

My paternal grandfather (Joseph Hildren Green, Sr) shipped out to France with the 78th Infantry Division.  He was lookout man on the back of a truck which hauled ammo to the front and would carry deceased soldiers back.  

He was received an award from the Republique of Francaise for his service.  I don't know French but the certificate says, "en hommage et en reconnaissance des services rendus a' la FRANCE au cours de la Guerre 1914 -1918.

My brother adored our grandfather and the two would play checkers all the time.  Then one Christmas as a gift to my brother after having found some items of pop-pops, I made this.  The flag was owned by pop-pop and is old. I forget now if the number of stars were related to the year he joined the army or earlier than that.
My father (JHG, Jr.) served as a combat infantryman in Europe in the 69th Infantry Division durng WWII as a bazooka and anti-tank gunner. He was awarded the Bronze Star metal, Presidential Citation and other awards for his service.

My wonderful step-father, who was like a father to me, (Edward C. Patterson) was in the Seabees and served in Viet Nam, Korea and was on the Presidential Staff at Camp David during the Eisenhour, Kennedy and LB Johnson's terms.  

To all of our veterans past and present, thank you for your service and sacrafices to keep us safe.

Either later this afternoon or tomorrow I promise to do a blog on fun time at rug camp.  



  1. Hi Saundra, as we celebrate Remembrance Day here in Canada today, I join you in saluting the brave soldiers of your family and all who serve their country for peace. We will not forget.

    Hugs, Julia


  2. Hi Saundra,
    Thank you for your amazing tribute to your family on Veteran's Day! I love your framed memory items and am sure your brother treasures it!
    My father, father in law, several uncles, brother, and finally, my son all served and I am so proud and grateful for their service! We owe a debt of gratitude for each person who served!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Heart Hugs~


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