Friday, November 11, 2016

Life Is Good

Had great intentions on posting a blog upon arrival at The Dunes Hotel last Sunday.  I'd been able to get my room earlier than expected so took a couple photos with my iPad and sat at the table to type a blog post using Blogpress.  No success in the numerous times I tried so will now try to replicate what I think I'd typed.

This is my room all bright and cheery.  A bed to sleep in and one to hook on (if I wish) after hours.
All rooms at The Dunes Hotel face the Atlantic Ocean.  This is the view from my window and from the balcony.  This photo captures a person walking the beach in front of me.
This is a view to the left down the beach and there are mild waves washing in this day but there were bigger waves later in the week which the surfers were wanting. 
A look to the right of the balcony and in the distance you can see a group of people enjoying the mild November weather and surfers trying to catch a wave. 
My teacher was Kris Miller (who I've enjoyed as a teacher numerous times) was like a kid when she saw dolphins playing in the water.  Since she is from the mid-west she doesn't get to see that sort of thing.  It was fun to watch the excitement in her face when they would dive out of the water.

Okay, this was planned for the post last Sunday.  Sorry I'm so late but will try to pretend this was my first day.

Does anyone know why I couldn't post thru my iPad using Blogpress? Just now checked to see if the posts were saved for me to retrieve them from my PC but nothing there.  Then tried to 'save and publish' from Blogpress from home but still didn't work.  Any help would be wonderful.

Have a great evening and will continue tomorrow with more from rug camp.



  1. Looks like beautiful weather for a beach retreat. I don't use my iPad for blogging, so no idea.


  2. What a beautiful view for ur week away! Wow,,, thats perfdct,,, cant wait to hear more about ur week!!

  3. Lovely place to enjoy your time away! I have not been able to post from EBlogger in over a month. Not on my iPad or phone. Since I do 99% of my posts on my phone, I have not posted at all. After starting the post, my screen simply goes black and all is list. So frustrating. Have a good weekend!


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