Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Update on Out in the Garden

Was so hoping to get this piece all hooked before the end of November but didn't happen.  It was started at rug camp on the afternoon of November 7th so guess it's not too bad with timing ~ just a tad of background and border.  This is a design by Maggie Bononami and offered by Blackberry Primitives. 
Believe it or not the white in the three flowers is not as bright as it shows here.  It has threads of a caramel color woven in and thought it would be perfect for the light in the flowers.  However, the other white in the background is an unhooked sure you figured that out all by yourself.

If I can manage to remove the hook from my hand tomorrow there might just be a different project posted about.... wait and see.

Have a great evening, the two day mild weather has been great here but as so saddened for the folks in Tennessee.



  1. I would say that is some VERY fast hooking !
    Beautiful design.

  2. Those people in Tennessee. How devastating. We must count our blessings each and every day.

  3. Its awesome,,, love it! You will have it done before the weekend, take care,,,


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