Saturday, November 26, 2016

Out in the Garden

Figure it is about time to show an update on my slow progress on hooking my camp rug.  But then there was the Thanksgiving holiday which slowed me down.

Below is a photo using the flash of my Sony digital camera.  This sometimes works for me and sometimes not.  The photo shows the colors more bright than in person but not neon like Debbie's Horse yesterday.
Since I have a setting on my camera for 'automatic' thought I'd take a photo using that.  Here is the result.  The rug actually looks closer to somewhere in between.
For you pixel photo knowledgeable the first photo size is 1.87 MB and the second photo 99.6 KB.  As the saying goes....'frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn'.  Since I'm not a photo journalist or professional photographer my digital camera will do just fine for my needs.  

Am pretty sure this rug will be all hooked before January and then there will be two rugs to be bound before starting the next one.  Red Lion also still needs to be bound ~ started it but more to do. 

Happy Saturday.



  1. Have you tried photo editing? I edit most of my photos on my iPhone or iPad....and honestly, even though I have a great camera, most of my pics are made on my phone. Adjusting light and color in a simple photo editing program is a breeze. Note that I said simple...LOL.

  2. I am loving the caramel goodness of this rug !
    Beautiful !

  3. Love ur mat!! Looking sooo good,,,almost finished, ,, you are fast!! Take care,,enjoy ur posts,,,,,

  4. I love this rug that is why I did it:)

  5. Love that color palette. You hookin' machine!

  6. Hi Saundra,
    I love the colors in this one! We struggle with our camera as well and sometimes the camera sees it totally different than we do!!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful rugs!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. Finished by January? Heck, you'll be done by December girlfriend. You are just too fast!!!
    I have the same problem getting good color. BTW...I have a Sony, too.
    Hugs :)


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