Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Red Lion

YAHOOOOO, pulled the last loops this afternoon, pressed it and trimmed the excess linen backing.  Next step is...ugh, binding it.
As is usually the case with my photos, the rug isn't nearly as bright as it is showing here in the photo.  And the background is actually a little darker too.  You can scroll down in past posts to see a picture of the original antique.

Hooking this was fun, particularly when it came to the background. Normally I find backgrounds boring but with the attempt to make it look old by using ugly (lovely) leftover wool worms in various widths it was a challenge and made it like working a puzzle.  

Obviously this type of hooking doesn't appeal to all people but I have also hooked some rugs with bright colors, some whimsical rugs and a narrow cut realistic rug (#3 cut of my departed Rotties).  Love my Rottweiler Memorial piece but wide cut primitive antique look is what makes my heart sing.

So now my camp rug, Out in the Garden will go on my frame this evening.

Guess some of you are scrambling to prepare for the festivities this Thursday.  I'm very fortunate (as is my sweet DIL) in that my son is doing all the cooking on Thursday.  Then Cathy and I will clean up after. But hey, we got the best of the deal because my son cleans up after himself as he goes along.

Enjoy your evening.



  1. Well I love ! No scramble here until the weekend with house guests coming.

  2. What a son! You done good, mom.
    I do love Red Lion. Sure wish I could hook a background like that.
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. beautiful! loving that wonky background ~ i think it's perfect.

  4. Congrats on your near finish. And Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. I love how it came out, beautiful color choices. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Bill does the turkey and potatoes, I do the side dishes, so it helps.


  6. I just love your background! You captured it wonderfully!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving day! We will spend it with friends!

  7. Hi Saundra,
    Oh, he is just WONDERFUL!!! Love the background and it really does look old!!! Beautiful job, as always!!! I know you will enjoy displaying him!!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~


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