Thursday, November 17, 2016

Primitive Antique-looking Backgrounds

Today I had the urge to work a little on the Red Lion rug.  It has been pulling at my heart strings since setting it aside to work on the camp rug in Ocean City.  

At camp last week I was number #11 in the list of students for the color planning of the class rug.  The choosing is done fairly with people pulling a number out of a box.  That was okay since there was time Sunday evening and Monday morning to pull a few loops on my lion before starting the camp rug.

Here is Red Lion so far.  It is an adaptation of an antique and this pattern was purchased from Norma Batastini of Heart and Hand. 

Was surprised at the number of people at camp who had positive comments about this rug and word spread so people from other classes came down to see what it looked like.  
The background is a mix of primitive black wool and old yucky worms saved but works great in a background for a 'make do' look.  Below is a picture of the original antique rug.
My sweet teacher Kris gave me such a compliment about my primitie background that I'm still holding those words dear to my heart.  

Tomorrow's weather will be quite mild for the season.  It is a follow-up visit to my eye doctor to check the left eye progression.  He may also dialate my right eye heavily to check it for my next surgery in December.  Honestly I can't wait since my eyes don't sync together nor do my trifocals works any longer either.

Have a great evening everyone and please be kind to one another.  


  1. A compliment, well deserved. I really like your version much better.


  2. I, too, like your version of Red Lion much better than the original and it looks, old, old, OLD!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. Love urs,,,, so wonderful,,,,
    Enjoy finishing,,,,

  4. wonderful! and I love old, yucky worms ~ thee best!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I totally agree that I love your version better!! You really do have a way of making your rugs look old and so happy you got such wonderful affirmation!!! We all need to hear positive words as they encourage us and "fill up our tanks!" So happy for you!!!
    Take care and hope your appointment goes well!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Your Lion looks great ....really looks nice & primitive !

  7. He looks great! Good luck with your eyes. Sorry I haven't popped in much

  8. just a great rug Saundra...your background is the best!


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