Monday, November 28, 2016

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

Saved a few vintage rugs to show when I needed more time to work on my project.   

The first one looks like a story rug to me which isn't organized in sections but rather like puzzle pieces.  It was hooked in 1889 and I see initials which could be CMS.  It may even be a wedding rug since it has mingled hearts in the center, fish for Christianity, doves, lucky horseshoes, an eagle on top left, stars, cross, etc.  Quite an interesting and busy rug so bet the hooker didn't get bored.
Below is a 1900's Pennsylvania penny rug using wool and homespun according to the auction house.
Below is a primitive pot of flowers with bird images and diamond shapes at border edge.
Per the auction house the rug below was hooked by Ms. Goetz and was found near Clifton Ontario.

The rug below has colors which look rather good together but not something I'd probably hook...unless I was trying to get rid of those colored worms.  Sorry, no provenance on this one either but was on an auction site. 
Isn't the rug below cute?  Two kids sitting on a fence looking and the animals.  No provenance on this either...sorry.
Not sure if the piece below is a framed mat or pillow but am guessing mat.  For sure I'd get bored with so much border but think it is a lovely dainty piece for the center motif, love the scrolls and neutrals. 
This dancing rug makes me smile... can almost hear the music.  While I don't particularly care for directional hooking (due to boredom) the wide open and softness of the background makes you feel like there's only the couple there.  The music is in the background but the man and woman are the objects of their affection.
Obviously the piece below was hooked in 1935.
 The dog piece below was to have been hooked between 1890-1920 in Vermont and was hooked with yarn.
Oh do love the rug below.  It sorta reminds me of the antique rug  I replicated and named Cherries and Candy Stripe.
Okay, so as not to keep you wondering..... here is what the antique Cherries and Candy Stripe looked like.
And this is my adaptation of that rug which I offer in pattern form.
Okay kids..... gonna fix dinner then sit and hook for a while.  Gotta get my hooking in for the day.



  1. thanks for the great rug show...a few I've never seen the Cherries and Candy Stripe wanna be...

  2. OMG that first rug is incredible. Stunning in fact.

  3. Thanks for the show!
    Finally started hooking one of my Christmas gifts tonight. If I get them done it will be nothing short of a Christmas :)

  4. You find the most interesting rugs to share. Thanks.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Another wonderful rug show!! Love your antique adaptation!! The first rug is just amazing!! Thanks again for sharing them!!
    Enjoy your hooking time!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Another great rug show. Especially fond of that top rug that has so much going on.


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