Friday, November 4, 2016

More Rugs I Hooked

A few more pieces I've hooked.... here is a Karen Kahle tea cozy design which was hooked 2011.  It was photographed beside my dear departed grandfather's (Joseph H. Green, Sr.) weighing scale. 
Here is Polly Minick's Two Chicken design which I drew for her and subsequently hooked myself.
A few years ago there was a Jane Stickle quilt challenge on Yahoo Rughookers.  Several of the rugs were also posted in an issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  This was my rug from that challenge.
As it is election time here is another mat I hooked and is a design by Robin of Bird in Hand.  

Below are three small pouch bags I hooked for Polly Minick as samples. The center one.... The Michigan Mitt I gifted to my friend Kris Miller who lives in Michigan.  So when you see her using it at camps you'll know where it came from.
When I was doing shows I would also hook purses as they were very popular, particularly the cat ones.  Here is one.
And another; don't know how many cat purses sold but there were many.  Happily I don't do shows any longer, too long in the tooth to do that.
Isn't this cornucopia mat wonderful placed on my antique school desk? It is a design by Maggie Bonanomi. 
OH, speaking of cats...... This curled cat design was (I think) the very first hooked piece sold and was totally shocked with a buy.  Wish I could remember what the woman paid but trust me ~ it was minimal because I had no clue as to what hooked rugs went for.  
True that my style was still in the baby stages and still learning.  But to be paid anything for my 'fun' was totally awesome.  Now I understand the work involved and the cost would be different.

It is the count down to my last rug camp of the year.  Sadly there are only 3 per year which I attend.  So will hopefully do another post tomorrow.



  1. So many great hooked pieces. Love the Bird in Hand ellie. I have that Maggie B pattern. I love your wool choices!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. Love all ur hookings , saundra,,,,, have fun at the rug camp!! Take care,,,,,

  3. love seeing all the pieces you've hooked...I'm with you on shows...shudder...

  4. I am currently hooking some mug rugs for my 1st, and probably only, customer. But what a thrill for your work to be thought good enough to sell..

    Thanks for sharing your work with us..


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