Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Update on My Camp Rug

Ya might think I'd be done hooking this project by now after arriving home last Thursday evening.  But nope.  Here is what my Maggie Bonanomi rug looks like now.
That really isn't a white wool in the flowers; actually it has flecks of tan in it but because of the flash everything shows up brighter, especially that wool.

Guess you can see that I've already started re-drawing leaves and border lines.  But I'm so indecisive even the last drawn lines might change.  

The Red Lion rug is still patiently waiting for my attention with just the background to finish.  There's probaly less to hook on the Red Lion than on this rug, so who knows what you will see next.

Have a great evening and please be kind to one another.  It isn't just kids who bully, now even adults bully.  Stop it.  Take a deep breath and do something which diverts your attention and gives you pleasure.  For me, it is hooking and loving my boy Ben.



  1. You are always too hard on yourself. You've made amazing progress. My rug still isn't done and my class was weeks ago.
    Hugs :)

  2. That is a beautiful rug and love the colors. Her designs are a good idea for rugs too, I have lots of quilting books, need to rethink the designs for rugs too.


  3. You hook faster (and beautifully) than anyone I know. Love the rug and colors

  4. Loving ur new mat! Awesome,,,,, enjoy ,,,, thanks, saundra,,,

  5. There is so much hate in this world and the election didn't help. I never saw adults act the way they do. Anyhoo....Love the rug, I can't believe how much you got done. My problem when I go to rug camps is my mouth works more than my hook. You and Ben are a team. That's how I feel about my little world, Greg, Bruno and I are a little family full of love and that's all I need, except maybe some wool or a pattern.....Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  6. Looks as though you made lots of progress to me. What would we do without our furry family??

  7. Love your choice f colors. Warm and cozy!

  8. Your colors of brown look amazing. Unexpected choice i love it.


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