Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday and Old Rugs

Sheesh, the only time I have sit down today was when I ate breakfast, lunch and sewing patches on my son's jackets.  Then started making homemade soup so NO progress has taken place on either of my rugs.

As I'm not ready to show any progress on either of my 'in progress' rugs thought it would be nice to show you some old rugs just to keep my viewers happy.
Sorry, but don't know any info other than it was late 19th c or early 20th century from a private collection.  
The two roosters above is a design from Pat Hornifus.   
OMG, I adore this old lion hooked piece.  There are a LOT of antique lion rugs which have distorted faces as they were drawn by folk who had no knowlege of animal form.  This one is magnificent and would LOVE to know when it was hooked and who hooked it.  Yes, could be it is a modern day drawing from someone with artistic talent and who is a quilter.  Whomever it is this is magnificent.

Okay, getting dinner time and time for me to finally sit and hook to relax.

Happy Weekend.



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