Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some Rugs I Hooked

When I posted a picture of the pattern I'll hook at rug camp next week (you can see the post HERE) Jennie commented that ..."it was nice and looked quite different from what I've been hooking lately".

My interests have an ebb and flow and have been known to take a hard right hand turn at times.  So here are a few other rugs I've hooked which may also be out of my norm.  One such is called "Flying Trio" by Red Salt Box but didn't find a link.
Am sure I shocked everyone when deciding to hook Ali Katz since it is so colorful and out of my normal comfort zone.  Ali Streble was my teacher at Cape May and was hooking the cats so thought it was a cute play on the words of 'alley cats'.  Besides I'd done a silk painting at Mexico Club Med which hangs in my bath area and wanted a rug to match.
Another one is a design by Brenda Gervais named Herb Angel.  The reason there are two photos of it is because the top one with a flash is too bright and the one without a flash too dark.  So the real colors are somewhere between the two.  
FYI, her hair is a red and orange thick and thin yarn of which I have a humongous cone of.  I purchased it from Sunset Designs in California when working for the company and they were getting rid of old inventory.
Below is a rug by Fredericksburg Rugs that I hooked on monks cloth.  
OMG, lesson learned and will never hook another sizeable rug on monks cloth ever again.  Well, I don't hook on monks cloth period.  It stretches so badly and then when loops loosend and had to be rehooked it weakened some of the fibers of the foundation.

After teaching myself to hook decided to take a camp ~ it was one hour away from my house and the same one I'm going to Sunday.  Wanted to break bad habits and learn how to hook properly.  

At that time it was strickly a McGowan camp and no ousider patterns could be used.  So patterns had to be chosen either from McGowan patterns or from Charco designs. 

Since I'd never dyed wool and no clue about color planning chose two Charco designs and had Mary Lou color plan them and I purchased the wool.

Plans were to take ONLY one rug camp so told her I WOULD hook in #8 cut and was hoping she could teach me about shading a leaf with wide strips.  Bless her heart, Mary Lou Bleakley was my teacher and this was the design hooked with her.   She did an awesome job preparing a novice hooker and teaching I think.  When we meet we still banter back and forth about narrow cut vs. wide cut.
Humble Beginnings was the other Charco pattern I chose and Mary Lou also color planned this for me.  It was hooked with another teacher the following year in Ocean City, MD. 
Okay kids, I've run out of steam and still much to do.  Plus I'm exhausted from lack of sleep overnight, headache since last night and just not feeling right.

Stop back again. Hope everyone enjoyed that summer weather today as it was probably the last.... and in NOVEMBER yet!!!



  1. I hope you are feeling better. You have no time to be sick!
    Such wonderful rugs and all so different. Herb angel is so sweet.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe it is just the change in the weather that is affecting you.

    So much variety in your rug choices.

  3. They are all wonderful rugs and it is fun to try different things too. I bought monks to try punching on, not sure how I will like it, but thought it would be fun with thick yarns or maybe even fleece for a bathroom rug.


  4. Fun, fun mats you have done,,,,, the one you will be doing is sweet!! Gosh,,, feel better,,,, take care,,have fun,,,,,

  5. don't lose that hooking mojo! love all of your rugs ~


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