Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Was looking back at old Cape May photos and sadly I didn't take a lot of photos in the early years.  Or, could be because the photos were lost with the stupid camera using a floppy disc.  I was even less computer savvy at the time and wasn't knowledgeable about hooking up the digital camera  to a computer.     

Anyhoo....looked thru some oldies and found a couple rugs from 2008 I'd like to chat about.  I love this rug which was in the show ~ think the border is what makes my heart go pity pat than the birds; tho the birds are nice.  
Also love this Lucille Festa rug and until recently I owned the pattern but sold it because as it is larger than I enjoy hooking now.  
Another rug in the 2008 show was a Bev Conway.  Not sure what the name of the rug was ~ maybe Polka Dot Chickens?  Not sure.  The one below was hooked by someone else and purchased the pattern that year.
I hooked Bev's design but wanted my chickens on straw vs a single huge egg.  So this rug sits in my kitchen at the door leading to the back porch.
It's no secret I've complained about the humidity in Delaware and perhaps my being surrounded by woods has encapsulated me in a  bubble.  For weeks now I've run the dehumidifier hours on end for days at a time in each room  Then every couple days to another room in the house.  You wouldn't believe the total gallons of water I've poured from that wonderful machine.  Perhaps the lower humidity inside the house makes for better results of the A/C comfort.

Thought I'd try to get in ONE MORE POST in June.  Cannot believe it is July first tomorrow.  Guess I'll soon find out if there will be a Cape May rug camp as the final bill should be arriving any time.  I won't make my ferry reservations until I know for sure the camp is really a go.

Happy hooking everyone.



  1. Love that first rug! Your polka dot chickens are fun, too.
    Fingers crossed Cape May will happen!!!

  2. I thought of you going to camps today. I was going through a huge photo file and in one of my pantry pictures was an orb 😊

  3. I love that first rug too!!! Unusual in all the "right" ways! Fingers crossed fo your camp hopes and plans. ~Robin~

  4. I love the first rug too, because of the border and the spotted chickens too.I like that the tail feathers infringes on the border a little.
    I hope that you'll be able to make it to Cape May this year.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Great rug I sure hope you get to go to rug camp!We have a small dehumidifier in our basement I have been dumping that twice a day completely full and shut off it is crazy the amount of water in the air the past few days. I hate it.

  6. Love your Chickens on straw ! Hope your Cape May hook in is a Go !!! Still very humid here and lots of rain .... the gardens are loving the rain after all that heat . Cooler weather is on its way !!!!

  7. I too love that border more than the rug. Happy 4th to you! Janice

  8. I am with that border!


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