Wednesday, January 26, 2022

A Couple Hook-along Updates

Appears Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) has been burning the midnight oil as she has accomplished a lot on her Granny Donaldson rug.  Which means she must be done hooking her hearts.  
Here is my progress so far.  It was so tempting to just keep hooking the background down to the leaf but then that temptation could continue until the dang thing was done.   
Not sure if I'll continue to work on this tonight or pull loops on the Blue Bowl of Flowers.  But you know I'll be pulling loops for sure.  

Sounds as if there will be another major snow storm along the east coast again this weekend and I'm not done doing what I can to clean up the tree mess already here.  Monday and today I lopped off limbs and carried them back into the woods in hopes of making the trees less heavy so they can be hauled there also.  What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right?  RIGHT??? 😐  What I cannot haul will require my asking a neighbor to chain saw into smaller pieces so I can haul them back there too.



  1. Wow , you have been hooking like crazy on your Granny project ! Love the colors you & Lauren are using !
    Looks like we could get a lot of snow here & strong winds , luckily we are an hour & a half away from Boston , they could get 20 inches !! We might get 8 , but they still aren't sure. A good weekend to hook !!!
    You don't need to join a gym with all the yard work you have been doing !!! Hope you won't be too sore !!!

  2. Both of you have been burning the oil on your rugs it seems. Is this going to be a contest to see who finishes first now? Janice

  3. Yes I would say you both are hooking like crazy!!! Love them both such wonderful colors

  4. You both have gotten a lot done on your rugs. Sometimes hooking is like having the foot on the gas pedal and the speed increases without noticing it.

    We had a snowstorm yesterday here, about 8 inches of snow, my husband said. We're supposed to get another snowstorm on Saturday. 😢

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Well, ET thinks this wasn't much of a challenge seeing as you two (and most likely the others as well) are making such quick work of these rugs. Yikes. I wouldn't have even decided on which design yet. 🤣 Yours and Lauren's are both looking awesome....really loving the dark backgrounds. And now I am afraid to look at our forecast. We were -26º this morning (without the windchill) and I don't think we got above 0º?? We haven't had snow though for 2 whole days/nights....Woo hoo!!!! And you be careful...that tree stuff can and should wait. ~Robin~

  6. These two rugs are looking just super! That’s some fast hooking too. We’ve got winter storm warnings for Saturday here in Atlantic Canada. Hoping the winds stay down.

  7. I saw that weather report and I thought oh, no more work for you. Your rug looks fantastic. I think I will start on the background today. That is the plan as I write this. The sun isn't up yet so who know what will happen.
    Be careful out there in the snow pulling limbs to the back. Its so much work, I hope you don't have more limbs come down.

  8. Love Urs and Laurens Mats!
    Wow,, alot done,,,
    Been slow here,,,Hope to send u a pic of more next week,,,,
    Love the inspiration,,,


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