Sunday, January 2, 2022

Winter Buddies Update

Despite those of you who think I'm a fast hooker there's plenty more background and a few snowflakes to go on this small piece.  I've learned that when a motif is hooked to do at least one row of background around it to not only control the size of the motif but also reduces the background hooking boredom.  Okay, I know some folks enjoy that part of the rug and consider it relaxing.  To me it is rather boring but necessary, just like binding 😏.
Really wanted to keep hooking around the antler but then this post would end up being made tomorrow instead of tonight.  Reminds me back in the day when I was a knitter ~  I'd say to myself, 'one more row around..or one more cable stitch' and would end up staying up for hours more knitting.  Of course there weren't blogs back then, computers or cell phones.  Oh my how progress and the computer age has changed us.

I made black eyed peas and corn bread for good luck for 2022, the peas were delicious but understand why it has been so long since making corn's very dry even with a little butter.  But it still seemed like a frivolous treat for me.

Mild temperatures again today reached 65 degrees F. but tonight we are expecting low temps and snow thru the night into tomorrow.  High tomorrow will be 35.  I met a neighbor during my walk today and she said snowfall is predicted between 1" to 12" and we laughed because it is so true depending on which part of the state you live.  But since the ground is warm I'm hoping to still make a 1 pm appointment tomorrow. 



  1. We had 6 inches of snow today. Loving Winter buddies. When I make cornbread I always add a can of cream style corn in it to make it moist. Janice

  2. Sweet, sweet pattern...and yes you have made enormous progress! I'm sure when I get mine it will just be added to the pattern stash...sigh. My Santa rug is just taking forever.

  3. Your Winter Buddies is coming along fast. I really like that pattern for this time of year. It's been raining today and all of a sudden we had big snowflakes and it turned back to rain. A very dreary day.

    I hope the black-eye peas brings you good luck.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Your rug is looking wonderful! We have been unusually warm with misty rain and fog. We are in for a few days of cold weather and then back to warmer weather again.
    Happy new Year

  5. I have a superb cornbread recipe and I make it in a cast iron cornbread form. See Sallysbakingaddiction and my favourite cornbread
    Anyway, should you get a hankering again this year.. I made red beans and rice for NYE following a New Orleans’ recipe. This is starting to sound like a food blog. 🙂 Your deer mat is looking pretty sweet. I would find all those snowflakes daunting to hook. I’m trying to decide whether to finish a mat or start a new one. Hmmm

  6. Oh oh ....I have been hooking a project & haven't hooked the border yet ....I'm not sure what color I want to use ...., will try to do some today ! I'm still putting my Cmas things away ....
    We haven't seen the Sun in days , it has been unusually warm ,gloomy & misty & foggy until today' Freezing !! And there is a wind chill , no walking for me today ! The snow is staying to the south of us just another cloudy day here . Hope you don't get a lot of snow !!!

  7. Its so nice to see your hooking. I love that pattern. We have had cold, but its been nice to have winter. Happy New Year!

  8. Winter Buddies is looking great. I usually enjoy doing backgrounds (and, yeah, I like binding usually too) but, like Sissie, I have a Santa that is taking forever (and I'm not the perfectionist she is). I think, like usual, I am overthinking it....and then I started a new stitch piece...hence why no updates in the "creative projects" department. ~Robin~

  9. Happy New Year! Your rug looks great. Looking forward to seeing what you hook this year.


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