Monday, January 24, 2022


This blog post will definitely please Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) because she's been beside herself wanting to know what was on my frame before starting my Granny project.  Well Lauren, here's the big reveal.  And big measuring 30 x 41 ~ that's big for me now and just decided to do it.  This is an antique adaptation of a rug I've named "Blue Bowl of Flowers".

I didn't have enough of the same blue color and was not going to dye more when there is plenty of various blue colors in my bin to choose from.  Hey, "use it up, make do, or do without", right?
Now for some Granny Donaldson updates ~ Sheila has accomplished more on her adaptation and decided on a dark background.  She completed her tree trunk and leaves even marked the leaves with the colors she chose.  Me thinks me should do that so I don't forget or try to remember what I'd initially thought to do.
Kim (My Field of Dreams) did some dyeing for her rug and says she wasn't pleased with the results.  Think all of us who dye wool have  experienced that same problem.  She has also accomplished a lot since her last posting.  Visit Kim's blog (link above) to read her cute post and view this rug again.
Elaine sent me her update this afternoon; so far I see yarn and wool but bet before she is all done it will include sari ribbon.  Elaine is an independent thinker doer and is confident to draw her own freehand designs and choosing a motif she prefers.  Wish I was more like that ~ a free spirit.  You go girl!!!
I'll save my Granny update for the next time.  And perhaps by then we'll have a new participant.  Am waiting for confirmation and a photo from her to share on a future post.   



  1. Oooo, I'm liking your big bowl of blue flowers! I really love the mixture of blues - it adds dimension that a solid color would not. Fun updates. Looks like these rugs are going to be done before you know it (even for you non-monogomous hookers!) and each so unique. ~Robin~

  2. I love your new Blue Bowl of Flowers. It looks like you borrow some of my blue wool, lol... That blue and beige goes well together. It might give me an idea for choosing the background color for my own rug. It just goes to show how individually we think and how we can all learn new ideas from each other. Thanks for the update Saundra.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I love your Blue Bowl of Flowers and it looks great with all the shades of blue!!!
    Everyone's rugs are looking good!!!

  4. All of the rugs look nice! Great job to all! Cannot wait to now to see more of your blue bowl of flowers. Janice

  5. Wow,,,,,You are a hooking machine!!!!love,,love the blues!!!
    And the granny mats are looking so so good!!!
    Love seeing kims and sheila mats,,,,,
    Thanks for posting,,,,,Saundra,,,,,may have more done by the end of this week!!!more snow!!!

  6. I love seeing the different ideas on the Granny rugs. I love all the creativity!
    Not sure what the rest of your pattern is but you are doing a great job on the basket

  7. I do love seeing all of the different projects. This has been so much fun for me. I can't wait to see your progress. I like your other rug you have been working on too. Yes, I have been trying to go to my stash more than I cut new wool.
    I look forward every day to seeing how much I can hook. So this is a good thing. Thanks for posting my rug.

  8. Love .love your Blue bowl of flowers !!! Can't wait to see more !!!
    Everyone's rugs are looking wonderful !!! Really fun to see the colors & designs the gals are using ! So much fun to see !!!


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