Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Granny Donaldson Cow Blanket Update

My Canadian friend Elaine sent me a picture of her accomplishment so far.  I knew even before she told me that hers would be hooked with a variety of textiles.  Elaine decided on a dark background using a plaid scarf.  BTW, she drew the pattern freehand by looking at the photo and is more brave than me ~ I need to have those enlarged drawing lines to trace.  
As I haven't provided a photo of mine in 3 days this is what my Granny adaptation looks like now.  I'm still unhappy with that bulbous orange leaf on the right but haven't done anything about it yet.  Also wish I'd chosen a different textured wool for the donkey? (is it a donkey) on the top left but am not pulling it out ~ it is a primitive after all.
Am still enjoying this project and it is so freeing with the 'outline and fill' of colors and no detail.  Still slowly binding Winter Buddies to make way for the Granny to be put on the side soon.

There are four more of us in the hook-along and as they progress to a point they are willing to share a photo with me I'll post it on my blog.  Am sure you are all interested in seeing what color background each is using and the colors chosen for which motif.  So stay tuned.  Whatever it is you're hooking I hope you are having fun.



  1. I love seeing the rugs. Yours looks so nice with that dark background.
    I had to stop and dye wool today. I have hooked a tiny bit.
    Have a lovely evening.

  2. Both are looking good! I like your donkey....but that red bird is not to be topped. And, yes...leave the orange leaf until you get further along. I think as other colors are added it won't look so bright. (Says the hooker who rarely hooks and totally stinks at color planning LOL). ~Robin~

  3. Love yours ,Saundra! Mine looks pretty bright in the picture,,it's not quite so bright,,,,but wanted to try that background,,,and will do some flowers tomorrow,,,I hope,,,
    Thanks for posting ,,,

  4. I love that red bird the BEST. Love seeing how others hook the same pattern. Janice

  5. Thanks for the showing of these two rugs. What I love most about having many people working on similar patterns, is the creativity in everyone. It looks like Elaine is hooking with yarn as opposed to hooking with strips of wool fabric, something I've never tried.
    It's amazing how the background ties everything together.
    I agree, the red bird is magnificent.
    I've been ripping and hooking and need to dye more wool too. Nothing to show for yet.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Elaine's looks like a very happy Granny rug and of course you are blowing us all out of the water!

  7. Elaine's colors are so bright and wonderful. such a change from dark primitive. While I probably would have chosen dark the bright just seems to fit!

  8. Fun to see Elaine's rug & yours again !!! They are looking great & looks like fun !!! Four more Gals are joining in !!!! Thats great !!!


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