Monday, January 3, 2022

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday this time it was 65 degrees F outside.   Right now it is 31 degrees and temps are to drop to 12 tonight.  Here are a few photos from the front porch.  Just in front of the house shows the weight of the snow on the pine tree has caused it to bend.
Right end of the porch another taller pine bending as well.
A view of the driveway toward the meadow and snow coming down so fast and thick you can't see thru the blanket of snow.
Now to the backyard ~ The spruce limbs have totally collapsed and caused it to look like a teepee.  That bent limb to the right of it is the River Birch trunk bent as are the other trunks of the clump of birch.  Several limbs have broken due to the weight of the snow and I'll have lots of cleanup once this snow melts.
In the photo below is my Bald Cypress which has lost its seasonal leaves.
We just might get those 12" predicted and to think my neighbor and I laughed at that comment yesterday during the walk.  Schools, banks and many businesses have closed.  Plus I received a call cancelling the oil change today and is rescheduled for Friday.  If they hadn't called to cancel I would have.  

I've drawn out my Granny Donaldson choice to hook the middle of this month as Winter Buddies should be all done by then.   This is the one I've chosen as it isn't as busy as some of the other designs.  When enlarged it printed out 18.5 x 22 which is good for me.  I might have to use #8 in the feet and flowers but confident the rest can be hooked in #8.5.
If you would be interested in hooking your own adaptation of a Granny Donaldson cow blanket you can check her work out on a pervious blog post HERE.  I know Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) is going to join me and she says she's got it on linen; perhaps Sheila and Nancy?  So think about it as there are almost two weeks for you to ponder which rug, get it drawn and play along with us.

I'll NOT be walking today and not sure I'll get out tomorrow so the mail can wait and I've got black eyed peas, salad making and good supply of food.  Guess I'll hunker down and do some hooking.



  1. Oh goodness, so much for good luck those black-eye peas brought you. We had rain yesterday, then big snowflakes and then more rain. When I went to bed, it was snowing a little but we only got a sprinkle. I guess the good luck worked fine for me. lol. You better eat more black-eye peas to bring you good luck.

    I've been reverse hooking on the blue cape or mantel of the Mother and Child, and will wait to show if it makes a difference before I show some very slow progress.

    I'm looking forward to seeing who will join you in the Granny Donaldson project and the progress.


  2. Oh my goodness you are buried in snow !!!! Your poor trees , I hate to see the birch trees bend like that , they don't always straighten up without loosing a few branches. You were lucky you didn't try to get out today !
    Hope you don't end up with 12inches !!!! Stay warm & toasty inside !!!

  3. that's a lot of snow...even by Nod's standards. And I know that heavy wet hard on the vegetation and so difficult to shovel. Glad they rescheduled your oil change. All the more time to hook. Clouds are looking somewhat ominous here but I don't think we were to get more snow until mid-week. Stay safe and warm...and hook on. ~Robin~

  4. Looks like you got a fair share of snow. We had about 6 inches. But is sure has gotten cold now. 10 degrees this morning. BRRR. Hopefully your trees will bounce back and not break off. Look forward to seeing your latest rug hooked and what Lauren choses. Janice

  5. wow good for you I think lol. We are cold but not a flake to be seen

  6. I hope your trees spring back. That's a crazy temp. change. We did similar but in reverse. 7* then up to 41* in the mater of a few hours. With the warmth came wind gusts 70+mph! Blew our porch overhang off the house. Stay in where it's warm and keep hookin' - much better plan :-)


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