Tuesday, January 4, 2022

The Morning After

Remember the bent pine photo I posted yesterday?  Weight of the snow broke it or maybe pulled it out by the root as it is laying on the ground now.
A few neighbors (God bless them) came to snow blow my driveway, came with shovels to clean off  my front steps and walkway, and to salt the steps.

View from the garage parking pad out toward the meadow.
Another Lake Birch clump bent but not as badly as the one near the inactive pond in yesterday's photo.  Many limbs will need to be cleaned up once this snow disappears.
I cannot open my back porch door so the photo is taken thru the screen and the bent clump birch tree limbs this morning;  hope they bounce back.
I read that Seaford did receive over 12" of snow but I never went out to put a ruler in the collection on the deck rail.
Here's what the thermostat read this morning.  I always turn my thermostat down when I go to bed as I'm toasty under the covers.  Besides, if you think about having 62 degrees outside that would be quite nice, right?  So why not inside?  But look at the 8* reading outside now that's down right frigid!
Looks like it will be another day of hooking and binding the Bird Dog rug.  Tomorrow you can be sure I'll get out of the house and go to the grocery store to get ready for the next round of snow coming on Thursday.  Predictions of 2" - 4" expected.  You northern exposure states can take this stuff back....please!  OMG, do any of you remember that TV series?  It was hilarious and wonder if it is available on TV anywhere?



  1. Poor tree! I remember being astonished at how much some bigger trees could bend and not break when we got a huge ice storm about 12(?) years ago. And then they straightened back up as the ice melted. It's pretty to look at but I'm glad I don't have to go out and drive in it daily any more. Staying in and working on anything needlework related sounds like a grand plan.

    We had a programable thermostat in our old house. This one with geothermal, we were told not to use those as the system is much happier at a constant temperature. The only problem is some days it's tough to agree what that constant temperature should be.

  2. We used to watch Northern Exposure !!!

    Your poor tree .... there is a slight chance we could see some of that snow Thursday or Friday too ....no walk for me again today , too bitter cold here too !!!

    Yesterday I posted my hooking project ....so what is the the right thing to do ...hook the border first or is it ok to wait til the end ??? I thought by hooking the border first , it helps to keep your edges nice & straight by following your warp . On pieces I hooked long ago , some of the edges are wonky , because I hooked it last .... I should have asked you first !!!

  3. Oh gosh, so much snow!! I think that is the best thing about snow, you have to stay inside and hook. Your poor trees! What nice neighbors to do all of that for you.
    I hope it doesn't stay around but with a new storm coming you way it might be a while. Stay warm and safe.

  4. Loved northern exposure!!!,so unique!!!never see it anywhere!!
    Wow,,,,You have a winter Wonderland,,,Saundra!!!alot of damage,,,
    Great of UR neighbors,,,,,to help you!!!,means everything,,,,
    Now you really do need wool socks!!!hint hint,,,,
    I would love to send u a pair!!
    Stay well,,,,

  5. I'm glad that your neighbours were such great help to clear out a path for you. You have a long walkway.
    I'm sorry about your broken tree. Hopefully your neighbour will take care of it for you once the snow melt.

    Yes, I remember Northern Exposure. I watched it faithfully. I haven't seen it for a very long time.

    I hope the next storm is just a small one.
    Stay safe and well.

  6. Awe! I didn't want your trees to break. It's beautiful as long as you can stay in and hook. Today was my first real day out since last Thursday. I could have stayed home again, but work was just building up.

  7. It is pretty, but you can enjoy it instead of me ;-)
    What wonderful neighbors!!! Hopefully you can get to the store tomorrow to restock...wink, wink.
    Be careful!!!

  8. I loved watching Northern Exposure. Actually in one o my college classes, Statistics, I was getting a D. I had wore my Northern Exposure sweatshirt and asked the professor what I could do to bring up my grade. He looked at my shirt and said do you really watch this show and I said yes. He asked me a question and I answered correctly. He gave me a C. So glad I watched the show and bought the shirt. LOL Some wonderful neighbors you have to help you out! So sad about your tree. Hopefully the others will be alright. Janice

  9. I loved that quirky northern exposure. Boy you have winter was worse than us right now. Our temps are the same, but we are not having the storms you are. We heard on the news about the highways and the people who had to stay overnight yikes.
    We are supposed to get something Friday but at this point not much
    Stay warm

  10. Newburyarts replied...
    Welcome to our New England winters...we like to share the experience now and again with you individuals "from away!" Enjoy and remember two things...stay bundled up and your gardens/lawn need the moisture. 😊

  11. Please give your neighbors my addy... Well, actually, BOTH addresses. Dang...I knew I should have gone to the store yesterday while I had the chance. Roads weren't great, but at least passable. Leave the trees and cleanup until spring when the temps are warmer. And turn up the heat LOL! ~Robin~


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