Monday, January 17, 2022

The Granny Donaldson Hook-Along

Bet you were anticipating the next photos of the Hook-Along ~ me too.  When participants of this fun hook-along send me a photo of their progress I enjoy having the first preview and also fun to share.  

Denise just sent me an update; she received her pattern in the mail two days ago on Saturday.  Denise chose this design with lots of birds and critters and it measures 22.5 x 26.5.  She hooked the people beautifully and of course I love the horse.  Denise said she used #6 for the faces with #7 and #8 for the rest.  She isn't sure what color background she wants but am confident she'll get it all figured out.
Below is Lauren's choice of designs and it also has more critters than my easy one.  Lauren's people are hooked nicely also and made a cute comment about the boy in the middle but I'll let her share that sweet statement when she does her BLOG post.  Am sure she will also share what size cuts she is using as I'd be interested too.
Elaine will send a photo tomorrow so that will allow me to do another blog post and keep all of you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Crazy wild winds here last night and today with even more limbs down which were compromised during the previous 12" of snow.  Weather forecast says more snow this weekend and right now the amount is undetermined.

Happy Monday and happy hooking.



  1. Youzers on the snow. We were spared from the last major one this weekend. Love Denise's progress. Janice

  2. Fun fun fun! Loving them both! I liked Lauren's pattern probably primarily b/c it has the mom, dad and little boy...kinda like my family used to be. I do think this would be enjoyable to hook as there are so many different motifs one wouldn't bet bored....and not much background to hook. But...lots of color maybe not LOL. ~Robin~

  3. I love it when you do a "group project." I like seeing the variations.

  4. Love Denise and Lauren STARTS!,!SO GOOD,,,,,
    I WILL take a pic today,,,,in better light,,,,Just not great last night,,,,
    Off to dentist this am and when home will try and get outside,,,,depends on weather,,,,to take a pic,,,,Hope to do more too!!!

  5. She got the pattern Sat I am impressed at her progress. all wonderful colors.

  6. All great beginnings. It's fun to follow on the progress. There are aa lot of birds in Denise's pattern. I wonder what kind of birds she will hook. Maybe a flock of same birds or a variety.

    Hugs, Julia

  7. I am loving Denise's rug, especially that horse! I forgot to mention that your treetop bird is absolutely wonderful.

  8. Wow , so many animals in Denise's design , what she has done looks great ! Lauren's looks great too ! Fun to see these ! Pretty colors they are both using . I'm afraid if I decided to do this , would only have 5 animals ...LOL ...I'm chicken !!!

  9. I love the rugs so far! What wonderful hooking. I am looking forward to seeing the progress.


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