Friday, January 7, 2022

Motivated To Finish

I've become very motivated to hurry and finish binding Bird Dog and complete hooking Winter Buddies as there's a new rug in my horizon.  Only the short side remains to be whipped and another steaming to complete Bird Dog.
Am close to pulling the last loops on Winter Buddies then will be just this one to bind when starting the next project.  
The timing is working well with just 8 days away before the next project to begin on the 15th (you ready Lauren? 😁)  You all know the project is a Granny Donaldson cow blanket design I've chosen for myself.  So you've got time to decide if you'd like to join us.  In case there are new visitors or if you've forgotten you can read about it HERE and choose a design to replicate.

As always......happy hooking.



  1. Your rugs are looking good! Have a nice weekend! Janice

  2. Are you still eating those black eye peas, Saundra? My goodness, you seem to be powered by some unstoppable force. I'm slower than a fly in January. Your rugs are beautiful. I must get me some black eye peas to speed me up.

    Looking forward to seeing the new rug started.

  3. Oh I am absolutely loving Winter Buddies! And such a good hooker you are to finish up your binding tasks so you can start with a clean slate. I knew GT got the good genes from someplace. 🤣 ~et~

  4. Am I to believe you will go a week without pulling a loop? I find that hard to believe...binding or no binding.
    Winter Buddies is too sweet!!!
    I will be ready to go on the 15th even if Ole Jack is not done (and it probably won't be!).

  5. You are speedy!,,and great mats to finish off,,,,
    Love winter buddies!!!

  6. You are so fast. I would love to join that but with the painting and stuff, maybe you will do another one later in the year? I love those cow rugs. I have never heard of them or even seen them before. I love your projects. Winter Buddies is awesome.
    Have a lovely Sunday.


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