Sunday, January 16, 2022

A Couple Updates and Confession

Just before noon today (Sunday) Kim sent me an update on her rug as she was going to be busy the rest of the day on the house remodel.  Am sure it was hard to walk away from the Granny project but the reward of a newly remodeled home far outweighs the tug of pulling loops.  This is Simple Gifts a design by Primitive Spirit which I'm sure was Karen's Granny adaptation.  
Then later in the day Sheila sent me an update on her mat.  She said purple wasn't her favorite color but her mother loved it.  Sheila also mentioned that she might change some colors, and I know all about pulling out loops as I've done that myself many times.  So perhaps when Sheila's mat update appears again it might look a tad different.
Before hooking on mine I grabbed several worm baggies (some call them noodles) I refer to them as worms since worms seem to multiply whereas noodles don't, lol.   
Okay, now to the elephant in the room.....I have a confession.  If I don't say it Robin (Cranky Crow) or her 'joined at the hip' sista Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) will blab all over the comment section and even post it on their own blogs that I'm a cheater.  So here goes:  I couldn't wait until Saturday to start this project because if you've read my blog you saw I'd wanted to hook it for weeks.  But I patiently waited until early Friday evening to start and this is how far I got.  Not that much, right?
Wasn't sure I wanted to use that wool for the tree but before bed decided to wait until morning to pull out the loops to see how I felt.  I'd used that same wool for other tree trunks and it was introduced to me by Barb Carroll for a rug and I've used it many times since.  But still was unsure.

Saturday morning with new eyes and new attitude decided to continue with that wool and this is how the rug looks now.  Am not crazy about that orange leaf to the right but will wait until more loops are pulled to decide if it needs a replacement.
The bird on top was hooked only with worms and had a vision for the tail with the directional weave and think my vision turned out well.  Below is a photo with the red wool which was purchased years ago from The Wool Studio and the tree trunk wool came from Heavens To Betsy and is called "Turkey Feathers".  Don't think either of them have carried the wool for several years and thankfully I've more left of each.  
When the other gals send me a photo of their work I'll share a photo of theirs.  And remember, don't believe a word that Lauren says about me...I've told the truth the whole truth and nutt'n but the truth.  And it was Robin who started that whole mess 😁.

Happy Sunday and happy hooking.  Can't wait to get back to Granny....TA TA.



  1. Lol it isn't about who's first, right? you are all off to a good start

  2. Awwww....come on Mummie.... you know well that I started nothing! I only "suggested" that you "likely" had started before anyone else and, out of guilt, obviously, you fessed up that you started before the designated start date. 🤣 You would be so much fun to cross examine as a witness LOL. I have no dog in this fight so it matters little to me.... In any event, it was fun seeing Kim's, Elaine's and your starts. I really love your red bird...and I do really like your tree. Have fun...and hook on. ~Robin~

  3. Saundra, it looks like Cranky Crow and I are just here to cheer the girls up on their progress. I would do poorly if I was to be cross examined by Robin as I can't lie either. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. lol. I like what the girls have done so far. Kim rug looks like it's going to be a big rug by the size of the chicken. I'm just guessing because it's hard to judge from a photo.

    Julia 😊

  4. I just had to laugh about Robin and Lauren calling you out. What a hoot! I am not partial to the orange leaf, ut the rest looks nice. Janice

  5. True confessions! Good for the soul. I bet you will like your orange leaf after all.
    Wish I could join in but I have too many rugs on the go now. It’ll be fun to watch these evolve.

  6. Oh how funny you and Lauren & Robin are ....I love what everyone has hooked so far ! I have a piece of the wool you are using for your tree. I haven't used it yet , love it ! The way you hooked your Red bird so so pretty .
    Have fun hooking !!!

  7. Great start ,,,,,Saundra!,,Love it already,!!!


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