Sunday, January 9, 2022

Let the Show Begin

Definitely don't want the snow to begin as I've had my fill of that white stuff to last me a few years after Monday's snow and then had another inch or so on Friday.  Enough all ready.

Hen and Baby Chick I've had saved on my flash drive since 2018.  Don't have dimensions or date.
Have had this Grey Cat since 2018 also and don't know why I haven't shown it.  Said to be hooked 1900's from an estate sale but no dimensions.
A close up of the underside.  Wonder if this is what gave Karen Kahle the inspiration for one or two of her designs?
Hooked and sewn Lion and Trees measures 31 x 51 from a private collector.
I hooked that design in a class with Barb Carroll in 2012 and here is how she color planned it for me.  The color is not showing up right per usual.
Moose Adirondack rug measuring 20 x 30 hooked with stockings, this is the front.
A view of the back and is only faded a little, you can see it was hooked on burlap.
Recently found this rug with 3 blue and red  flowers on oval background.  It measures 23 x 40 and said to be hooked 19th century.  It's a sweet dainty rug and I love that border.
A Butterfly rug hooked early 20th century measuring 19.5 x 34.  This is the front.
And a view of the backside.
I try to guess what the favorite rug will be and me thinks it will be the first one.  In other news I did finish binding Bird Dog and finished hooking Winter Buddies too, now just need to bind that one.

Am staying true to my promise of waiting until the 15th to start hooking my Granny Donaldson choice of designs until Lauren is ready.  But I've heard from Sheila who said she's drawn hers out and Elaine said she's planning to draw hers out today too.  I'll make another blog post next week about the Granny event so stay tuned.

Happy hooking or binding y'all 😉



  1. I read your post about your Granny event. Do I need to draw out a pattern or could I get one from Karen Kahale? I love these rugs that you have pictures of and you have hooked.
    I hope you don't get anymore snow. :)

  2. I am so happy to hear others will join in your Granny Donaldson challenge ! Will be fun to see what they do !
    I Love the rug with the Blue & Red flowers , the border looks like the Magdalena style , so pretty .

  3. OK, my first preference is the chicken or rooster just because I'm partial to roosters and chicken, then my second choice is the moose, because love all the landscape details and I think it would be perfect for a cabin near a lake which I don't have but I live close to the River St John. My third choice is the lion.

    I must say that your lion looks more like a male lion and the first one looks more like a lioness trying to look like a male lion, lol.

    Snow is dripping off the roof again this evening. We are getting weird weather for our area for January.

    I rather have show than snow. Thanks.

  4. Am really mesmerized with the blue and red flowered one. What an awesome piece. Sure wish it was mine. Janice

  5. I love the lion, both the antique and your version.
    Granny here I come...on the 15th...ready or not. Probably not ready but I will make good on my word.

  6. I think my fav. is the 3 blue flowers. They could be any flowers really. It's the rug in a rug part I like. Love the oval set in rectangle. Clever.

  7. I like your lion. We have had ice not much snow so I will swap you lol.

  8. Love them all,,,,,I do recognize the cat one from karen patterns!!!Lots of inspiration ,,,,
    Drew my pattern out by hand,,,,abit smaller than yours,,,,
    Thanks so much ,,,

  9. Well there goes Julia messing with gender nouns again. 🤣 favorite is that wonderful lion and trees rug. It's too wonky not to absolutely love. ~Robin~


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