Saturday, January 15, 2022

What's Happening on Saturday

One thing happening today (Saturday the 15th) is the start of the Granny Donaldson hook-along.  Sheila and Elaine are the adventurous ones who are drawing their own version of a Granny inspired mat using favorite motifs.  

Yesterday Sheila sent me a photo of her drawn pattern and designed it with a special meaning in mind.  I'm sure the Angel and heart play a big part and what a wonderful way for her to reenter the joy of rug hooking.
Elaine has chosen her favorite animals and for the artsy part of her mind has drawn the flower off the edge of her pattern.  It always interested me when a person designed a rug with a flower or other motif running over into the border or cut off entirely.    Elaine did say some of her motifs might change in shape as she hooks.  I know how that goes as I've made changes even to purchased patterns to suit myself.
And speaking more about feels like a continuation of my never-ending birthday because sweet Elaine sent me this package from Canada ~ her handknitted socks and several types of tea.
On this cold Saturday the wool socks will keep me warm as I stay inside and hook on my Granny mat.  And yes, that is one big honking bunion you see on my right foot.
Happy  Saturday and happy hooking.  Its not too late for you to join us you know, if you wanted to review the Granny Donaldson Cow Blanket designs previously posted, click HERE.



  1. Oh those socks are Beautiful !!!! Nice & toasty too ! Sorry about your bunion ....why do we get such weird things ??? UGH !!!
    Love Sheila's design with the angel ! And Elaine's is beautiful too ! What a neat idea for the flower !!!
    These gals are tempting me !!!! LOL

  2. I like Sheila's designs on her own pattern, with the angel, the baby and the little heart. It has a meaning of love and family. Elaine also added her own twist with the off-set potted flower. Hot tea and warm socks is a very thoughtful gift on this cold day. We are in a deep freeze and and the wind is relentless today with drifting snow.

    Hope tour tootsies are warm and toasty in those lovely socks.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Those socks are beautiful!!!
    It was one year ago today I had my bunion surgery. Mine was not nearly as large as yours and I had a difficult time with shoes. I hope yours does not bother you.
    Let's hear it for Sheila and Elaine!!! Looking forward to watching everyone's progress.

  4. What fun socks!! I have been working on the house all day, I am now going to pull a few loops, for a hour or so, I have been looking forward to this all day.
    Thanks so much for having this, I know its going to be so much fun.

  5. Glad u got the socks in time for chilly Weather! It sure is cold here this am,,minus 23 Celcuis,,,, Brrrrr!
    Might have 2 pairs of socks On!
    Sheila pattern looks great,,,,So sweet,,,,
    Started the tree and branches,,,Going to work on leaf things today,,Going with colors from orginial granny Donaldson pic u sent Me! Not sure of background,,,

  6. Wonderful rugs and beautiful socks! and tea how I love tea! I will be sad to sit this one out but so happy you will be posting on a regular basis so I can see all the progress.


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