Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Staying Busy

Am using the Acadian Frame for this most recently drawn pattern.  Appears Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) was right when she commented on my blog .... 
    "Am I to believe you will go a week without pulling a loop? I find that hard to believe...binding or no binding."       

Lauren, you know me all too well as it seems I can not go a week without pulling loops.
Oops, did my photo of the design get cut off?  Guess I'll have to take another photo and try again sometime later 😁

The snow storm last Monday did a lot of damage to my trees.  So far I've noticed 3 healthy holly trees snapped off and numerous pine trees.  Yesterday I removed the limbs from the top of my shed and some of the lighter weight limbs you see below.  But I got too cold and as I have Raynaud's syndrome had to go inside and warm up my fingers and body.
The pine trees in the photo below will require the help of a neighbor and his chain saw as there is no way I can move them by myself.  That photo was taken before the snow started melting.
Many other snapped off limbs are scattered around the property and I will slowly pull what I can into the back of the wooded property.
Four days and counting.....heard from Denise Barnes today who is also planning to join in the Granny hooking.  This is the design she chose which I've named Granny's Birds in Tree.
It is frigid outside, but then it IS winter.  Stay warm stay inside and happy hooking.  Actually I'll be busy drawing the Granny pattern for Denise and hope to go outside and do a little more yard cleaning up until I get too cold.



  1. How sad there is so much damage.
    WE are beyond cold here today I have Reynaud's too and it hurts when your fingers gets cold.
    happy hooking

  2. Oh my gosh!! So many broken limbs! My DIL has Reynaud's syndrome too and its been so hard on her. I am so sorry you have that work before you. I like your stand. I really like that rug you are going to draw out. Its really nice. I am looking forward to getting to hook along with you and the others. I hope you have a good day.

  3. Oh you sure have a lot of tree damage ! That is a lot of work and glad you have a neighbor who can help you with that . Sad to see ....
    It is freezing here today too ...luckily its only lasting a day & not a week !
    Denise's design for a Granny rug looks great ! Love the animals on each tree branch ! And the Man & Woman !!!

  4. I'm sorry for all the extra work those broken tree limbs will be for you.

    I have Renaud Syndrome also and it's excruciatingly painful in the cold wether even with gloves on. It's been extremely cold here and we can hear the house snap once in a while.

    Always the teaser... we'll have to wait to see what you got on the frame.

    Stay inside and wait for warmer weather.


  5. Brrr it was so cold out that my fingers were freezing when I had to pump gas and I even had my gloves on. UGH I did notice though that the days are getting longer. What a tease on the design of your newest rug. Janice

  6. Welcome Denise!!!
    Looking forward to actually seeing your rug ;-)
    What a mess you have. You need to hire or beg someone to do the clean up for you.

  7. Most mothers say that teasing isn't nice...but seems like Mummie Dearest just delights in it. ;-) Ugh...that's a lot of cleanup. We have a mess at the lake too but that will need to wait until the snows are gone and things warm up...so maybe 6 or 7 months??? (That was supposed to be funny but, unfortunately, it is a little bit too close to the truth.) It is going to be great fun watching your Granny rugs hook-along. I think there is room for so much "interpretation" with these so I am imagining a lot of variety. Looking forward to it! ~Robin~

  8. So so cold here TOO!!,,!brr,,,,,I am sorry for all UR trees,,,,So much damage,,,,
    A teaser on UR frame!!!haha,,,,
    Love it,,,,


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