Monday, January 31, 2022


During the snow storm I stayed hunkered down and worked on the antique adaptation Blue Bowl of Flowers.  Just felt like hooking a larger pattern for a change so drew it 30 x 41 but if anyone wanted a smaller size I'd be happy to do that. 
Below is the original antique which I've had on my flash drive since 2014.  I also plan to hook my flowers in pastels, which I'm sure was faded in the original rug.  
Do you like cabbage rolls?  I love them but they are a lot of work.  Yesterday I  made a pot of Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls from a recipe found on line.  As with patterns I made changes to the recipe;  I used 1 pound of ground turkey instead of 2 pounds of ground beef,  used more onion and 2 stalks of celery.  And chopped up two carrots for the pot.  Below is a picture of today's lunch.
Guess I should have done what chefs do before serving a dish...wiped around the edge of my bowl.  But stirring it after the microwave made my bowl look messy but was still delicious.

My Granny adaptation is back on the frame and will be the subject of my next blog post and with any updated photos from other participants.  Tomorrow is February and while it appears time is passing us by quickly, the cold reminds me it is STILL winter.

Happy hooking.



  1. Ah! I see now. I was having troubles deciphering just what the blue bowl of flowers was supposed to look like (still not back to my knife sharp skills HAHA). That is a large rug - will be beautiful.

  2. Love how you plan on hooking the blue bowl , it's so pretty !
    The deep freeze is ending here !!! Tomorrow will be in the 30's !!! Yippee !!! And just gets warmer , so the snow will melt . I am glad to see January end !!!

  3. Your blue bowl looks so good!!!it's going to be awesome,,,,Your soup sounds and looks good,,,,We made cabbage soup last week,,,Sounds similar,,,,,
    I hope to send u an update in the morning,,,,been hooking this afternoon,,,,

  4. I always liked that rug, i think it's in the Kopp book? it drives me nuts that the flowers seem to be behind the bowl! Love the colors, looks great!

    1. Newburyarts said:
      And you, Margaret Zenk, are a wonderfully talented rug hooker! Beautiful colors and impeccable technique! Bravo!

  5. That is a large rug and it's looking great. Like Margaret, I would like the flowers growing from the pot as opposed from the back of the pot. lol...

    I love cabbage rolls and used to make it when my family was growing up. I haven't made it in several years. I Also have a recipe for unstuffed Cabbage roll and it has rice in it.

    I made a big pot of soup today and it had cabbage in it. It was so good.
    Now I'm craving for cabbage rolls.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Rug looking good! Unstuffed cabbage roll sounds even better though to warm up. Well we are in for some significant snow Wednesday and Thursday now. UGH Janice

  7. Ok...that is one YUGE rug LOL. And, ya know, I would have likely never ever noticed it until Margaret and Julia mentioned it but, yes, the flowers do appear to be behind the bowl. Guess it adds to the primitive charm. Then again, I've always been a fan of wonky. 🤪 Soup looks good....but most all soups look good to me. Keep on hookin'.... ~Robin~

  8. That is MAGNIFIQUE!!! Great progress ;-)

  9. yes, it is still winter and more to come the end of this week. You soup looks delicious and perfect for this time of year. I love stuffed cabbage. husband's mother always made it with a blend of Hamburg and ground pork. My mother never made it. Your rug is so lovely I cannot wait to see it done. What a wonderful pattern.
    Looking forward to seeing updates on the granny rugs you have such a wonderful group participating.

  10. What a lovely rug with the blues in the bowl. Yes, for us February is always a mixed bag. I know that we will be getting cold weather and if we are very lucky, rain.
    I am really enjoying my Granny rug. I love cabbage soup. Yours looks wonderful. Happy February 1st.


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