Thursday, January 27, 2022

My Day

After breakfast I went out and started lopping off some limbs to a pine tree which snapped off during the last 12" snowfall.  I'd lopped off and removed a few limbs before thinking about taking pictures.   In the background you can see another pine which is still leaning and will probably snap off if we get the amount of show predicted on the next white wave.
Below is the bald pine now but think it is still too heavy for me to pull into the back woods plus my back and shoulders hurt too bad to try.  So will keep it until I hire or have friends come chainsaw it into sections.
Now the back yard....this is what a small part of the back yard near my shed looked like before working yesterday.
After yesterday's work this is what it looks like now but there is still more work required.  Just too tired and sore to go back out now so will see what I can do in the morning before the snow starts.
Latest local weather forecast has given two different tracking models; one says this area will get 3-6 inches and the other says 8-12 inches.  Obviously I'm hoping for the 3-6 but would rather have none.

Local news showed people scrambling and buying out store shelves and hardware stores.  Guess they are buying and preparing for the higher snowfall since we all experienced the prediction last time of "between 1-12" and indeed there was 12" or more here.

Thankfully I've plenty of food and hope electricity holds out since I don't have a generator.  Tomorrow I'll pick up more batteries, just in case, and of course adult libations 😉.  Believe me when I say I have plenty of wool.

You haven't seen the other numerous trees around the yard which snapped off or fell over.  I'll clean up more around the shed and move elsewhere before the snow begins.  But later will keep myself occupied with rug hooking which is so comforting.



  1. My you have been busy!!! we are in the 3-6 area so not a huge amount for us of course it is subject to change.
    We are all set too and plenty of adult beverages and luckily, we have a generator.

  2. And in your spare time? Wow! Nature doesn't want you to be bored evidently. That's a lot of work. Keep warm & hope your power stays on.

  3. It looks like spring at your place. We have a lots of snow and it's been very cold. ( love your sleigh rug)

    You got a lot of work done in the backyard. With all the tree limbs that break during storms, you might consider to invest in a mini chainsaw. They are held in one had and are handy for cutting off broken branches. I've seen them advertised on the internet.

    Take care and don't over do it.

  4. Well I hope first of all you dont get the snow predicted. You need the libations after working that hard cleaning your yard. Enjoy! Janice PS and am hoping you dont lose power. Janice

  5. quickly your snow comes and goes there! We won't see bare ground for months and months yet. But at least there is no significant snow in the forecast for us (although we once again woke to those "flurries" that weren't supposed to be here and yet managed to add to the winter whitescape. GRRR). We had some doozy winds last night and today again - it's like Mother Nature had a play day with the snow. Kinda like my son used to have with his leggos. ~Robin~

  6. A house surrounded by trees sounds so lovely. And then winds, ice, and heavy wet snows can make one wonder "what was I thinking?!" (if not "oh sh**!!!") in a second. Then the trees are trimmed and replaced and on we go.

    I hope you get your wish on snow amount and power staying on.

  7. Staying warm and hooking would be my choice. I wish I could come help you. I think your yard is so pretty with all of the trees. I am amazed your snow is gone. I hope the weathermen are wrong. I hope your electricity stays on and you don't have winds.

  8. What a muckin' fess!!! Hopefully that will be the last yard mess this winter.
    Hopefully you are well stocked on libations ;-)

  9. Wow!!!like Julia said ,,,it looks like spring!!!so cold here this am,,,minus 13 Fahrenheit,,,,,which we are now in Celcuis ,,,,,So it's sounds much worse ,,-24!!
    Hope u don't have too much snow and winds,,,,You are an amazing woman,,,,

  10. You have done a lot in your yard ! Trees are beautiful to have in your yard , but a lot to clean up leaves & all those broken limbs ! We have huge oak trees & gigantic spruce trees , when the wind blows they sway so much . We have had 2 huge trees cut down & that is so expensive .
    We are getting lots of wind this am , but hopefully won't get as much snow as they thought ....hope you don't loose power or more branches ! A good day to stay inside & hook !!! Enjoy your libations !!!


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