Thursday, May 19, 2022

BACK in the BAG

Mother with Fishbowl is going back in the bag and sit on the sidelines again.  This time probably longer than before.  At least I mustered up courage to re-hook the bulbous nose which bothered me.  And think I know what that issue was.  Here is the AFTER photo.
When starting the pattern in class I was determined to hook in #6 cut.  But with Cindy Irwin's guidance realized that was too large and reduced to #5 and lower where needed.  Some of the #6 was replaced but not all ~ not that section of the nose.  

Here is the BEFORE.  If you look carefully you may notice the difference.  Also I'd also tweaked the nostril which looked unnatural.
Now I'm out of steam, out of confidence on what to do with the fishbowl and curtain/background colors.   Hooking on this right now isn't fun so unless and until I feel a wool will work for those areas this will sit on the sidelines.   It's time to move on and put this aside until a future rug camp where Cindy or another teacher might be able to help me. 

Meanwhile I'm binding this beauty.  This is a one-of-a-kind design hooked by me on the fly (re-designing as I hooked) inspired by the beautiful over-dyed wool purchased from Cindy at rug camp.  Am so glad that wool tantalized me those days at camp because it is a beautiful color.
Tomorrow will be a new day for sure.  OH!!!!!  Unless it rains Monday the tree man will be here.  I've already sent them the photo of the last remaining logs and said I'd like to have that added to the job.

Happy hooking.



  1. I agree the nose does look better. I hope it does rain this evening as we planted a few more shrubs we had to replace. Look forward to seeing what next on your frame. Janice

  2. Your dear mother would approve the nose job. It makes a big difference. I sure can understand wanting to put the Mother with Fish Bowl away for now. You're not losing tine to bind that one of a kind rug. Have you given it a name yet? Maybe you did and I've forgotten. My brain is a bit scattered these days.

    I sure hope your tree man shows up on Monday. I know you'll be very happy to have this matter taken care of.


  3. 👍🏻 on the nose tweaks. Now I can sleep tonight. (Well, only 2 hours last night will also add to that ability...hopefully). ~Robin~ (The Cranky Crow)

  4. it does look better. I know hooking with a small cut when you hook with a large is an awful feeling and hard. I usually hook with an 8.5 and I am using a 6. When I went to rug camp I saw a woman who was hooking a bigger rug than mine and she was using a 3. while it was absolutely amazing. I just could not do it. patience is not my strong point.

  5. What a difference in your Mother's nose ! So many little important tricks that make such a dramatic change !
    Hope your tree man comes Monday & you won't be haunted by all those broken tree limbs !!!


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