Thursday, May 26, 2022

Seesaw / Scale Color Showdown

Remember when you were a kid on a seesaw and one side might be heavier than the other?  Or like the scales of justice which side was most heavier on the win?  I'm finding myself in a predicament on where to go with the Comstock rug.  I started pulling colors based on the picture in the Kopp book with a blue and darker brown at the top and planned for a primitive black bottom.  If you scroll down to my previous blog post you can see what I mean.

Then after carefully looking the photo of the original Mary Comstock photographs (also on that same blog post) started to doubt my colors.  Not only from a true blue to a teal but also from a dark brown top to a warm brown. Today I grabbed some wool to lay beside what I've hooked to see how the scale will move....dark brown & blue / warm brown and teal???????
All of a sudden I'm not having much fun hooking so have no idea what I'll do.  Tonight guess I can just veg out and see what's on TV other than news.  I do like the History and Discovery channels so maybe I'll venture there.  Otherwise given my leanings right now I'd probably be pulling out a lot of loops.
Hmmm, maybe I'll continue slowly binding my monochromatic floral.  At least I know what needs to be done there.



  1. I'd vote for binding (ugh!) before you reverse hook. Maybe tomorrow just hook some of the lighter brown and teal in another area and see what you think.

  2. Good advice from Rugs and Pugs.
    I'm soaking some wool this evening. I may dye some background color tomorrow but I'm still unsure on how to proceed. I'm heading to a hook-on Saturday morning, I need to work on the background. I'm too tired to think this evening. I'm glad it will be raining tomorrow so I'll be inside.

  3. I would say how true are the colors in the pictures? I know it is hard to take pictures and get a true sense of color. I am not a fan of taking out my hooking but sometimes you have to I know. I hope you find something interesting on TV I work today and tomorrow. We do some porch sitting after a walk if it is not raining.
    have a great day

  4. Rugs & Pugs 's idea sounds good to me too ....
    Hope you found something good to watch on TV . We find some good shows on UTube ....different things, places we have been too , travel ideas, England's version of house hunters ....
    Have a nice Memorial Day weekend !

  5. You are doing great!!!!have nice holiday weekend ,,,Ours was last weekend,,,,
    Love UR colors!!!

  6. Hey look, it's me again :-) I love that teal color(s). There are striking teals and subtle warm teals. I like them all in their own way.

  7. Well now that you brought out these other colors of wool, I like those better. Good luck! Janice


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