Sunday, May 8, 2022

Happy Mother's Day my followers and readers who are mothers.  My son dropped by and gave me a present he knew would be appreciated....vino 😁
The front of the card shows a glass which appears to be empty.
When the card is lifted up the glass fills with red wine.  The boy knows his mama.  And a happy Mother's Day to my dear mother in heaven.  

I've finished hooking the jacket and the highlighted area to define the arm but the upper shoulder looks a little weird to me.  Will ponder if I should pull it out and use some of the darker or just lower the shoulder curve.  The arm/shoulder area is not noticed at all in the original photo so I was guessing.
Mother with Fishbowl will be sitting on the sidelines again until I can find a wool to use for the background (curtain) and fishbowl.  
The photo just above shows what was originally selected.  The top wool is what was hooked in already next to the face but shows up differently in the uncut wool.  The plaid below that was going to be used for a faint design in the curtains and could be used for the fishbowl I think.  
Heck , who knows, maybe what I've started hooking will begin to appeal to me more and more, lol.

This evening I'll work on the Monochromatic primitive floral as I know what to do with that one.  Meanwhile I'll be thinking about the next one to put on the frame.

It is still chilly, windy, dreary and wet for the 3rd day in a row.  Tonight I'm making a white bean soup with cabbage, carrots veggie broth and spices ~ that should take the chill out of me at least. 



  1. Happiest Mother's Day to you Mummy Dearest. Yup, your son knows you well. Fun card. It was dreary, windy and chilly here today as well. Tomorrow we are to have our warmest day the 70's but winds of 45mph so, ummm, will definitely feel much cooler. Your project is looking sooooo good. I think the shoulder is fine....but if you decide to do anything, MAYBE lowering the shoulder curve a bit...but definitely not going darker....I think the shoulder would get lost then?? ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  2. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Saundra. Your son got you some thoughtful gifts and I love the card too. He definitely knows you.

    Your Mother and Fishbowl looks great. I'm with Robin, if you are not satisfied with the shoulder, maybe just rounding the curve at the back might make a little difference. You're doing a great job.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Happy Mothers Day! A wonderful gift from your son! Loving your tribute rug toyou own mom too. Janice

  4. Love your Mother's Day card & gift !!!
    Still windy as all get out here in Western ,Mass !!! Walking this morning , I thought I would end up in Oz !!!! Enough Wind !!!!
    Happy Hooking !!!!

  5. Happy belated mom's day!,,Love UR progress,,,,
    Getting hot here now!!!!what!!!!summer!!!

  6. A very belated Happy Mother's Day to you.
    Fun card!!!


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