Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Recently found a few old rugs, one of which gave me a chuckle and that one will be further down in the post.  

Here is a quite busy hit and miss pictorial rug circa 1900 which was found in Lancaster, PA.  It measures 36 x 78 and from the estate of Laura Fisher.  I believe that would be the Laura Fisher of quilt and antiques fame.
The framed Cottage hooked rug was dated between 1850-1899 by the dealer.  The hooked piece is nice but personally don't find hooked rugs framed like this very appealing.  It looks out of place somehow ~ unnatural. 
Perhaps they thought it would preserve the hooking but that could have been accomplished without a gilded wooden frame.  Below is a close-up view of the back and the gold hooked part of the cottage.
Love this Stag hooked late 19th early 20th century.  It is a Canadian rug and no dimensions were provided.  Me loves those blotchy backgrounds!!!
Ram and Birds measures 24 x 38 and from the estate of Laura Fisher.
Here is the back of view of the rug.
Another rug from the estate of Laura Fisher is the Boy eating Watermelon which measures 26 x 40.  It was hooked around 1930.
I just may have posted this Farm Scene before but it is sweet and one day would like to hook it....maybe, lol.  It  measures 24 x 40 and said to be hooked around 1900.
Now for the rug listed on eBay which provoked the chuckle.  It was advertised as a Floral Folk Art rug listed as "reversible".    It was hooked between 1920-49 and measures 20.5 x 35.   This is the front.  
Here is the back and the hooker pulled her loops very closely so little of the foundation showed thru.  Ya gotta give the seller credit for pushing the envelope to get a sale.
I'm still plugging along with the Monochromatic Floral...slowly.

Have heard spring is here but I'm wearing a turtleneck and sweatshirt.  What gives?  I've got to have my back deck washed and sealed but the temps haven't been warm enough for consecutive days for me to do that.

Happy Hooking.  



  1. Yes, I think the first rug a too busy for me too. I like the boy eating watermelon. It looks like it was hooked with yarn.

    The reversible rug is quite interesting. I'm not sure but it looks like it was hooked loosely enough and perhaps it was hooked higher so the the hoops would be flattened to cover more foundation. I could be wrong.

    It's been warm here today and I worked outside all day. It was cold early this morning but warmed up to 20℃ or 68 ℉ this afternoon.

    I've been hooking on my Madonna of the Street with our group. It's the only time I have time to hook. Spring is always my busiest time.

    Take care, hugs


  2. I love the farm rug. I am not one for a gold frame around a rug either, but it does elevate it to very fancy wall art. We are finally going into really warm weather here. 80s by Friday and Sat. Everything looks so green and lovely.

  3. Being a primitive lover at heart, I have to say that the Deer/stag mat makes me smile most. Fun rugs

  4. Oooo, I do like that stag....but I think I have 2 deer patterns already waiting in my stash. That last rug looks like part of a Rorschach test LOL. If anything, I see more of a butterfly than a floral. 🤔 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  5. Finally, a Beautiful Day here in Western .Mass. Still windy this morning , but has calmed down a lot late this afternoon. Was 80 on my deck !!!!
    My favorite rug is the Farm Scene .
    That is funny about the last rug being reversable !!! Crazy !
    Hope you can finally pack your turtle necks away !!!!

  6. I love the busy house one!,!!WOW,,,,SO BUSY BUT GREAT,,,USED WHAT THEY HAD,,,
    THANKS FOR another great show,,,
    We are hotter than you!!!hard to believe ,,,It's been 85 degrees here,,,way to hot,,,!!!

  7. Obviously the seller has no idea about rugs. LOL As busy as that hit or miss is, I like it for some reason. Janice

  8. Finally figured out that I can comment on your posts on my laptop but not my mobile devices. Weird. I usually find a couple of the antiques that you post really appeal to me, but I am not in love with any of these. Guess that's what makes the world go round. The weather has been a tad cooler here as well, but certainly not sweatshirt and turtleneck weather. Hope you have a great weekend.


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