Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Just the Beginning

Can't say I've accomplished much since starting this 5 days ago and already thinking of removing that blue wool and go for something more teal.  It depends on which Mary Comstock photo I look at, and will show you what I mean further down.  The lettering had to be re-worked and will get into that in yet another blog post one of these days.  
You've probably seen the antique Mary Comstock rug in the Kopp book and for convenience here it is again.  I used the Kopp book to pull my blue wool from the worm bag but second guessing those colors now.  Won't worry about the blue issue yet as there's more script to hook at the top first.
Then there are photos of the original Comstock Bed Rug and colors which appear more teal.  We all know cameras, printers and computer monitors alter what we each see in person.  
For the life of me cannot recall where I acquired these wonderful photos below of the original antique but have savored each one.  

So now I've changed the text color to more teal which I find more pleasing to my thinks 😕
The brown shows up more warm and rich than the photo in the Kopp book.
And here is a shot of the entire gorgeous Mary Comstock rug and I guess the ladies who made this photo shot happen.  Thanks gals!
Who the heck knows what color I'll finally choose.  But I'd be  interested in your opinion.  If Kris Miller still reads my blog I think her vote would be for teal.

Enjoy your evening; it is a chilly once again today and seems mother nature can't make up her mind if it is winter, spring, summer or fall.  So will just wear long sleeves and change mid-day, cover at night with a quilt or not ~ crazy weather and it is almost June.  No matter the weather happy hooking (stitching, quilting, knitting).



  1. Wow...those are two very different versions. I love the photo in the Kopp book, but that is the only version I've ever seen. But I see the appeal of the teal as well. As for me? I'd likely go with the Kopp version...only because that is how I will always think of the Mary Comstock bed rug. And, yeah...that lettering. I am SO glad you are changing it to the finer, more refined, version of the original. When you show the pattern you had purchased it was that which jumped out at me. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  2. I'm not the one who is to be trusted with my choice of colors but I'd go for teal also. It looks more teal than blue in that huge bed rug. My goodness, that's a huge rug and must have cost a fortune to hook it. It looks so heavy.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. You smaller version is looking great.The lettering looks perfect. Why would you need to re-hook it?

  4. Like the smaller one for
    R sure,,,,,love UR start!!!
    Weather here crazy too,,,,,Now rainy and going hot!!,!!

  5. Years ago I saw a bed rug someone did I was a newish hooker and was in complete awe! This one is just perfect. I think you are doing a lovely job. Oh the cost of hooking a full size one!

  6. Teal seals the deal
    I have loved this rug for so long!

  7. I can't imagine hooking a bed rug & just how heavy that had to be to hook !
    I struggled hooking in cursive , I don't know why I just could not get it to look right was only a chair pad & I put it away , but every so often , I attempt to try it again's resting at the bottom of a basket ! I'm not really a teal person , blue is my favorite color , so you probably should not ask me !!!!
    As long as the weather isn't hot & humid , I am a happy gal !!!

  8. I think I fixed my comment issue - not sure how though 🤔

  9. My vote would be more of a muted blue and not teal. That sure is one massive rug. Did not realize it was that big. WOW Janice


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