Saturday, May 28, 2022

Vintage Rugs

A rug show is always my 'go to' when there's not much else to blog about.  I'll start with this primitive eye pleasing Star in Circle.  It measures 18 x 36.5 and said to be from a Maryland collection.  No date was provided.
Down on the farm....a Turkey, Rooster and Hen.  The dimensions are 19 x 36 and said to be hooked in the 1900s.
For you feline folks (or is it something else entirely), here's a white cat with a rick rack (a/k/a zig zag or sawtooth) border.  The rug measures 27 x 40.
Another white animal is this horse with red eyes.  The auction house said those designs in the corners were stylized lilies...or are they birds in flight or something else?  Wool and cotton hooked on burlap measures 20 x 37 and hooked 19th century.  
Rooster and Cats dated 1929 but no dimensions offered.
Two dogs facing with a diamond shaped border.  Interesting tho, if you click to enlarge the photo the note at the bottom named it  'facing goats'.  goats do not have a tail like that.  It appears the dimensions are 28 x 35.
Here is an antique rug named Nantucket Whaling Scene from the auction house Austin Miller antiques.  
Below is the adaptation hooked
by Edyth O'Neill.  Well Edyth started hooking it but the weight of the rug and arthritis halted her progress.  It was finished up by Debbie, the gal in the photo helping hold the rug.
This hooked rug below isn't vintage but I've had it for a while and it is worthy of sharing.  A hooked rug of the  Olson House in Cushing, Maine.  If you want to know the history about the house and what it has to do with Andrew Wyeth click on the link above.
My yard work is never going to be reduced to just cutting grass in the spring and summer it is a never-ending task.   This is a photo of the size of that healthy tree which was blown over in a freak March 2018 storm and recently righted up.  Look, you can see the base extends beyond 3' across.
I've been trying to pull out those thorny vines by the roots but start with clipping off the length so my arms don't get ripped up too much and work continues on loosing the dirt around the base.   Am still trying to pull out that damn holly tree just to the left of those dwarfed day lilies
And of course there's more thorny vines on the left side but my dumpster is full.
Think I'll come in for the remaining part of the day and pull a few loops.  



  1. My favorite is the Olson House Cushing Maine. I clicked on the link but it didn't work.

    Wow, that was a big tree. It should have given you a lot of shade in the backyard before it fell down.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Thanks for fixing the link. I took a 3D tour of the Olson House.

  3. That's a big stump! Also I thought the red motifs in the corner were "fleur de lis".

  4. I Love the Nantucket Whaling scene !!! And the Olson House !!! I have never been to the house or Wyeth museum ....when we go to Maine , we just haven't visited it , Have to Do that !!!
    Oh my goodness you are still working out in your yard !!! Hope you are having more fun hooking !!!!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend !

  5. I'd have to agree - Pulling loops is a lot more fun than pulling weeds. Love the whaling scene!!! And,'s bigger than the Beast. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  6. That sure is a whale of a rug. TE HE. I love it though! Janice


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