Monday, May 23, 2022


Today I experienced that blue moon moment.  Rarely have I ever had a person or business go above and beyond what the estimate was.  As a homeowner I've had plumbers, electricians, tree services, driveway blacktop work, deck wash and seal and numerous other services done.  Some may have met their commitment and some not.

The initial meeting John and I walked around my yard and showed him my two main concerns ~ two large trees close to the house which had hollowed out (dead) areas at the bottom.  Admitting there was lots that should be done (if I had an unlimited budget) asked him to tell me what was threatening the house and should be dealt with.  One double tree on the left side of the house had a single leaning trunk, and some low lying limbs on the oak tree in the very front of the house were his comments.

I asked if he could push over that humongous tree stump...remember this old photo?  The bottom root section was well over 8' tall at top and was from a freak March 2018 storm previously posted on my blog.  John said he had something which could push it over.  
Yet the estimate via email that stump was not listed.  The estimate for the other items mentioned above was $2,025.  Okay, I've lived with that eye sore four years so no biggie ~ it's become part of the landscape.  

BUT today he did flip it over!!  Look at the size of that trunk (over to the right) even after termites ate it since 2018 and still BIG.
John had his men cut down the trunk and now it's more pleasing to my eye and hell of a lot easier for me to cut grass around.  
Oh, notice they also took those logs which would have been to the right of the stump and the tree.

Here are the stumps of the hollowed out trees which were a safety concern.  Notice both of the weakened hollow sides are toward me, therefore my home.

This small locally owned company also trimmed overhanging limbs on other trees from around my property  ~ not on the estimate, plus other logs.

Okay, perhaps he will have it all turned into mulch to use or sell it.  That is peachy keen.  Fact still remains he went out of his way to make this customer happy and I feel as tho I received everything and more than I paid for.  He is an honest American who believes in good customer service and if you had to put a label on him guess you could call him a capitalist.  Not something so positive can be said about our ?!$@#&% government ~ who is heavily leaning toward socialism.

Think I'll sleep well tonight since some of my yard issues have been resolved today and sending good vibes to John and his company.  



  1. That is awesome! It is nice when someone (or company) takes pride in what they do and try to do a good job.

  2. I'm really glad for you that your yard issues have finally been taken care of and that you got good service from this company. You got a lot done since last year. I hope that you'll sleep well tonight.

  3. yea for a job well done and more than they charged for. When we had tree work done they were wonderful making sure acorns did not damage our outside lights. And it was rotten in the middle too. Now you will feel safer in a storm

  4. How nice you found someone like that. How great you got to sleep in peace. You have huge trees. Its beautiful though.

  5. Restores the faith in humanity, eh? Hurray

  6. Woo hoo!! Yay John & crew...and yay you! I know that that mess has been weighing on you so I'm glad that monkey is off of your back. But, ummm, what are you going to do for fun now that you aren't going to be playing lumberjack?? Oh, never mind....I know. 🤣 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  7. Oh that is such good news !!! You will Love looking out at your yard & seeing it all cleaned up & feel safe with those rotted trees gone . Lucky you found such a good tree service to help you and not charge you a small fortune . Enjoy a good bottle of Wine !!!!

  8. Dont get me started on our Socialist government. UGH So glad you finally resolved the tree issues and John was a god send to you. Janice


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