Saturday, May 14, 2022

Going For Broke

It's sink or swim since I'm solo on this project.  Thought I'd try a little more of the background (curtain) wool and see what the other piece of wool would like hooked as the fishbowl.
A couple things bothered me so made changes on my own with no one to consult with.  As mentioned in a previous post the shoulder had to be lowered and softened.  Was afraid to lower it another row of hooking because when the arm is extended it does raise the shoulder a tad but what I'd hooked previously was too high and too pointy.

The most important thing was the nostril, it showed up too dark so changed it to a lighter color.  The before is below.  And actually  my mother's nose wasn't that bulbous so might need to re-hook it to make mother the beautiful nose she had.
When the class with Cindy Irwin ended she told the class that if we needed her after class that we could email her.  As much as I'm tempted I don't want to impose on her so will just have to put on my big girl panties and go for broke on my own.

On a side note, a few years ago I was hesitant to take a class with Cindy because she's so well known for her very detailed, can I say anal?, (sorry Cindy, am sure you're laughing now) rug hooking projects.  But she also does wide cut and primitive quite well.  So don't hesitate taking a class with her, I've taken more than one class and loved them.

Will put the Monochromatic Floral back on the frame and finish it since it is so close to being done.  And then, and then, I'll be on  hunt for the next project.  I've a few patterns in my stash but not in the mood today to work on them.  One of those great patterns is a small size Mary Comstock which would be a lovely rug to hook if I can get in the mood for it.

Happy Saturday, happy hooking.



  1. I think you are doing a fabulous job on the tribute rug for your mom. Janice

  2. I love your tweaks....the nostril made such a big change for such a little area. And LOL on the "size" of your mum's nose. I was meaning to ask you but did not quite know how to phrase it. This is going to be absolutely ahhhmazing! Back to mopping.... ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

    1. PS....I have always, always, loved the Mary Comstock bed rug. Bring it on! I even toyed (seriously) with doing the appliqué version.

  3. An amazing job,,,Saundra!,,
    These things take time,,,,,
    Glad ur enjoying the process,,,,,

  4. It's looking amazing... It just goes to show how even the tiniest detail change, can make a big difference. The nostril is definitely an improvement.
    I had the same problem with my Madonna's nose, even when hooking within the line in a fine cut. Her nose was too big for the face and I had to remove one row.

    Sorry, I'm late with my comment. It's been another very busy till dark, kind of a day. I finished mowing the back lawn in the dark as it's going to rain for the next three days. I had to go to a funeral and when I got home I had visitor and we had a meal and a long chat so the lawn had to wait. My turn to stay inside tomorrow.


  5. I wanted to ask, What did you used for the earring?

  6. It is amazing those little changes really make a big difference ! Looks great ! I bet Cindy wouldn't mind giving you encouragement !

    I Love the Mary Comstock design , but would you make a bed rug ???? Yow !!! That's huge !!!

  7. It looks so good. Anything you hook is beautiful.


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